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Donald Trump Channels Britney Spears & “Damn Daniel” With Pig’s Blood Propaganda

Ted Cruz isn’t the only Presidential hopeful who gets his information from Internet hoaxes.  His arch-nemesis Donald Trump does, too.
Back in February, at a rally in South Carolina, Trump told a tall tale about General John Pershing ending terrorism by executing Muslim prisoners with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.  According to urban legend, once upon a time, General Pershing had 50 Muslim prisoners, 49 of which were executed by bullets dipped in pig’s blood. The 50th was released with the idea that he would be a beacon for bacon-thwarted counter-terrorism.  The lone survivor went back and told all his terrorist buddies what transpired, and because of their intense animosity towards cute little Babe, terrorism was eradicated for 42 years.  Everyone lived happily ever after.  Piggy power!
eye roll
Immediately after the South Carolina rally, Trump’s talking points were debunked by several credible news sites, such as the Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact, and Snopes, which had been reporting this story as false since October 2001.  The story originates from an email hoax that started after 9/11, which Trump has erroneously referred to as “7-11.”  
But facts be damned, because just like Britney Spears, oops, he did it again.

Apparently, Trump–and his followers–have little regard for facts, because Trump repeated the same story to a cheering audience at a California rally just a few days ago.

Like damn, Donald, back at it again with the pig’s blood propaganda!
Politicians are notorious for lying, but Donald Trump obviously doesn’t learn from his mistakes.  Or maybe he just doesn’t care, since his fanbase doesn’t seem to be too concerned with fact or fiction.
Dude...what ARE you saying?
Trump also fails to realize that his anti-Muslim fervor only fuels terrorism by feeding into the narratives terrorists use to radicalize their targets.

Isn’t it a better counter-terrorism tactic to stop lending credence to the narratives of terrorists, who use the anti-Muslim rhetoric as a recruitment tactic? 

Meanwhile, we’re left wondering why all Islamophobes seem to think that pigs are some kind of kryptonite for Muslims.
Awww, look at all this absolute adorableness from these cute little counter-terrorism weapons!  tumblr_mnvxv5Y09L1qix8jfo2_250Yep, pigs are most definitely the solution to terrorism.  I’ve heard bacon is great (turkey bacon is pretty clutch!) but wow.  Behold, the power of the pig…ending terrorism one Muslim at a time since the early 1900s!
Or not.
Hey Donald, we’ve got a piece of prime ocean-front property in Arizona we’d like to sell you, sir!  (Pigs not included.)

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