Do You Know These 10 Steps to Effective Communication?

“Is there any skill more important than being able to sustain a coherent, confident conversation?”

Ah, the art of conversation. In times that seem to feel increasingly divisive, being able to communicate effectively may be the last line of defense to fostering an iota of understanding and empathy. Without understanding, empathy, and the ability to connect with those we don’t truly understand at face value, we cannot ever hope to tackle hate.

In recent years, studies conducted by the Pew Research Center have indicated that Americans are more divided than ever before on a wide myriad of topics, and consequently are much less likely to compromise. This speaks to the importance of a balance between listening and talking, a balance that is currently under threat and needs to be tackled before the only way we can learn about those we disagree with is through the narrative of parties who benefit from division.

In this Ted Talk, award-winning journalist Celeste Headlee details 10 rules to teach her audience how to listen and and how to speak in a manner that fosters effective communication.