Do These Look Like the Faces of Criminals to You?

Over the past week, increasingly fallacious rhetoric about the Honduran migrant caravan, currently making it’ way towards the U.S.-Mexico border, has been uttered from the realms of the White House.

This rhetoric has been designed to blow the facts way out of proportion, in order to paint a picture depicting an army of criminals making their way towards the Southern border of the United States.

To combat this fear-mongering, and erroneous narrative, accomplished director, author, and co-founder of the Women’s March, Paola Mendoza, has been tweeting some of the stories of the migrants who are part of this caravan. She is humanizing them; showing them as the individuals desperately searching for safety, and respite from tough living situations. We cannot permit the fear of the unknown to stop us from lending a helping hand to those in need. We need to show humanity in the face of fear. 

As it currently stands, the government of Mexico, who had promised the migrants transportation to shuttle them to Mexico City, have rescinded that offer. Mendoza reported that the feelings of upset, hurt, and demoralization amongst the migrants were palpable as word spread.  Look upon these faces, and these stories. Do they look like criminals to you?