DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Gives You the Key to Success

Trust is a big commitment. Before anyone else, we usually trust loved ones — our parents, siblings, best friends, etc. And for the particularly guarded, it can take years to work up the courage to trust someone. However, every so often, life throws people into our lives that are just so genuine and wise that you find yourself trusting them beyond your better judgement.
DJ Khaled would like to let you know — he’s that person. And lucky you — whether your easily trusting or not, you can bear witness to his inspirational tidbits anywhere you go.
Almost overnight, DJ Khaled’s Snapstory (Snapchat: DJKhaled305), gained hundreds of followers and buzz with his motivational snaps and advice. From his morning routine to his entertainment and diet, he takes his followers on a journey through his lux lifestyle while dishing out advice about success and how to get where he is.
While his methods and pictures are unconventional to say the least, his advice is actually pretty legit. Here’s some of our favorites:

1. Family comes first and hygiene is important.

DJ Khaled

2. Hygiene isn’t just on the outside, it’s on the inside too.


3. These are the tools of hygiene and therefore success.


4. Coco Butter: A must.


5. Coco butter is obviously so important: Just as you’re smoothing your skin, the path to success becomes smooth too.


6. Coco Butter? Check.
But let’s not forget to be thankful, always.


7. Can I get an Ameen?


8. Pave your own way. Whether you clean your body, intentions, soul or the company you keep — keep it clean and you’ll be successful.


9. Notice how he says, “We will overcome it.”
DJ Khaled has our backs. Thanks man.


10. Some of life’s paths are more watery than others.
Let’s not forget to be versatile and
travel with those who will enjoy the journey.


11. Don’t over-complicate things. Sometimes a closed door is just a closed door.
You’ll never know until you just open it.


12. Things happen and we get stressed, it’s natural!
Don’t let things freak you out and keep your goals in mind.


13. Healthy eating leads to a healthy mind.
And a healthy mind leads to success. SO wise.


14. Good vibes only. And steak.


15. Look your best, even if you don’t feel your best.
Appearances aren’t everything,
but they are something, am I right?


16. The time is NOW. Don’t delay the inevitable.


17. Bloom where you’re planted. Water your soul.
Quench your mind. Drink more water.
Take care of the environment.
This piece of advice has infinite possibilities.


So let’s recap.

DJ Khaled shows us the path to success can be achieved by: Making family a priority, maintaining hygiene, cleansing our minds and our souls, always being grateful to God for everything, using as much coco butter as possible, clearing our own paths, keeping good company, going for it and not over thinking, keeping calm, eating healthy, allowing good vibes, always looking our best, keeping timely and confident, watering plants and our minds with nutrients and just purely trusting those who are trying to look out for us.
Thanks DJ Khaled, you’re the best.

Images via Snapchat