Did the White House Just Quote DJ Khaled?

If you’re on Snapchat, you should check out the State of the Union snapchat story, because I did not see any of the following coming. DJ Khaled seems inescapable at this point.
Check out some of my favorite highlights:
First up is Joe Biden power-walking, telling us to “own the finish line.”
DJ Khaled gone done it again, making a surprise appearance, asking Obama for #AnotherOne.

“Obama you speak for the people. Can you please stay president? -DJ Khaled”

dj khaled
It didn’t end there. Sen. Steve Daines and Sen. Cory Booker — senators from opposing parties — took a selfie together. Captioned with a DJ Khaled mantra.
What. A. Ride. #AnotherOne #Blessup

Images from Snapchat