Designer Misha Nonoo’s Tips for Modest Fashion at NYFW

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I was so excited to speak with designer Misha Nonoo of Nonoo NY at New York Fashion Week as she debuted her Fall 2013 collection. At only 25 years old, the young female designer is a fearless entrepreneur and quickly making a name for herself in the fashion world. Last year, she received international attention after Pippa Middleton was spotted wearing her gorgeous clothing. At #NYFW13, she shared her thoughts with me on the potency of style in modest fashion and how a woman can be trendy without being too revealing. Her collection is definitely a testament to this fact.

The new collection featured layers and layers of lavish individual pieces, featuring rich colors and textures accentuated by unique accessories. It was filled with long skirts, jackets, intricate tops — even a simplistic and sophisticated pantsuit. Nonoo kept it classy with a very neutral palette of blacks, blues, and greens, and added some spice with luscious red accents.

Nonoo uses the technique of layering to convey the feeling of luxury and abundance, and the innovative designer emphasized this tactic to me as a creative way of staying covered up and stylish. When using so many layers, it makes sense to not overdo the colors and instead focus on the details, whether it’s an accent color or a statement accessory piece. As Nonoo demonstrates, textures should be fearlessly experimented with and can take a wardrobe to a whole new level.

Overall, the collection flawlessly combined the use of details, colors, and layers to create a unique look of both tradition and modernity. Nonoo shows the world that revealing clothes are not a prerequisite for fashion. Overall, the line keeps it conservative and sophisticated, and can be seamlessly incorporated by women of all types and backgrounds.