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Dear Leslie Jones, Muslim Girl Has Your Back

An Open Letter to Leslie Jones
I am going to keep this short, because if I don’t I will start frothing at the mouth and using ALL CAPS over the long and storied history of people mistreating women, women of color, and women of color in Hollywood.
A friend and Muslim Girl teammate brought to my attention that actress and comedian Leslie Jones, whose newly released film, Ghostbusters I recently reviewed, had been horribly harassed through mail and on social media. While Miss Jones’ manager politely declined to make a statement to Muslim Girl, I would like to make a statement to Leslie on behalf of all of us at MG.
Dear Leslie Jones,
I don’t know if this is going to reach you, but I hope it does. My name is Amani, and I write for, mostly as a film critic. One of my teammates brought to my attention the absolute horror you’re going through on Twitter and social media, and on behalf of Muslim Girl, I’d like to let you know we are so tremendously sorry this has happened to you, and we support you.
No one deserves the kind of treatment you have received, and while my forthcoming review of the new Ghostbusters film will show I have some harsh criticism for the franchise revival, none of it has to do with your performance. I personally love your standup, your work on SNL, and your general personality as a performer, including your hilarious turn as Patty in Ghostbusters. You are a powerhouse comedian. Your performances light up any screen the way Aretha Franklin’s voice sets a room on fire, and for people to discount your performance or your talent (I’m assuming these people are speaking out of a combination of racism and misogyny) is just so wrong.
I hope you know you have some die-hard fans out here. We are behind you all the way, and hope to follow you through a long and successful career. Please do continue to slay, you beautiful bad-ass woman you.
Best Wishes,
-Amani Hamed, aka @CineSister