Dear Donald Trump: You Already Failed

It’s been a year since your inauguration and I’m afraid we haven’t got much to show for it except the anxiety of nearing a nuclear war with North Korea, the destruction of immigrant communities and the government shutdown. That’s just a handful of the countless errors made by the administration this year.

Well Mr. President, I’ve got five words for you and your dirty politics: We are here to stay. We are the Muslims, immigrants, Black citizens, Dreamers, women, middle- and low-income workers and anyone else that doesn’t fit your rich White supremacist agenda. We have every right to be in this country because being American is a belonging that no one can take away from us. We will not bow down and walk away from this fight, rather, we will continue to rise up in waves and fight for our rights as your administration continues to try and strip them away through “compromises” and promises to make America great. But Mr. President, we will not stand for these compromises, because if you don’t have to compromise, why should we?

Well Mr. President, I’ve got five words for you and your dirty politics: We are here to stay. 

I find it incredibly difficult to refer to you as “president,” for your character and actions are not befitting such a dignitary title. But American politics played itself out to elect a man full of hatred, bigotry and misogyny into the Oval Office and the seat you sit in represents an America that I respect – something I wish you had the decency to do. You do not have the morality of a president nor the courage of one; A man who competes against other leaders with the temper of a teenage boy and at the amusement and disappointment of its nation does not deserve this title. You do not have our country’s best interests at heart, something you have made abundantly clear by pandering to only your own agenda. You do not have the mental capacity, stability or dignity a president must wield, nor the decency to fake it.

However, one good thing has undeniably risen from the downfall of your presidency and the Republican party. Mr. Trump, your racist and bigoted views have lead to this country’s reawakening. I, along with my fellow true Americans, will no longer stand in silence in the face of injustice as our neighbors, families and friends are attacked. We will survive this because we are Americans and we will not allow you to take us down. You have failed your duty to this country, but we will not fail ours. We are here to stay.