Dear Black Muslim Women

“Dear Black Muslim Women” is a love letter dedicated to young Black Muslim girls who look like me.  This is the letter that I have always wanted growing up.

I wanted to create a form of art that highlights our struggle of being a part of the three most mistreated, discriminated against, and dehumanized identities in America. To display our reality, but also instill hope. My message for those little girls is to truly know how powerful their voices are in the face of adversity. That this world will try to erase them, but they will rise.

I wanted to display true representation from different types of Black Muslim women in my life. We know what it feels like to be ignored. We know what it feels like to face hate. We know what it feels like to never feel safe. So, I will strive to create a space for the next generation of Black Muslim girls to be free. 

I’m just starting.

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