prophet muhammad

[VIDEO] Poem: Dear Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

By Sumaiya Tufail. 

Dear Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Oh Beloved, if only you were here to see your nation in desperate need of your light and mercy. Peace be upon thee
The reminisce of the shock of your passing feels everlasting
The cries of the Muhajireen and the Ansar have echoed through history. Passed down through each generation
If only you were here to see a group of men claiming your flag under a twisted ideology murder and bloodshed
Girls forced to be wed. Infidels are widespread, they said.
If only you could see the so called scholars arguing over theology
While thousands flee from war and tyranny while exploitation makes children a commodity
And husbands who signed the sacred oath beat their wives and silence is all she hears from her community
If only you could see the closet women
Squeeze to prostrate and get on their knees
In the masjids filled with your name in calligraphy
If only you could see men who roll up their jeans
Who disgrace knowledge by de-prioritizing the other
Half of the population from education
Even though we know when you educate a girl you educate a nation
Madrasas filled with boys while girls play with toys
If only you could see how weak we have become
Men fear women with a book
Women fear how she may look
Our hearts rotting with disease forgetting love and mercy
Love from He who created you as a mercy
A beacon of hope and light
I pray to see you in my next journey
Let us send peace and blessings
To thee and your beloved family.