Deal of the Century or Scam of the Century? This Twitter Thread Clarifies

Are we talking “Deal of the Century,” or “Scam of the Century?”

Matters reached a fever pitch yesterday after Jared Kushner and the Trump Administration’s paltry attempt at a two-state solution came to a head. Whilst Palestinians and their allies decried the plan as erasure, Kushner and his cronies spun a narrative that suggested Palestinians were somehow rejecting a peace offering, and blowing “every chance so far.”

Kushner, who has inexplicably defended his spearheading of this lofty project by claiming he has read 25 books on the matter and is therefore an expert, has penned a deal that has entirely ignored Palestinian voices. Instead, this so-called deal centered the conversation around what Zionists want: complete control over resources, and Israeli promises that Muslims will be free to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Riiiight. 

He has claimed, evidently with a straight face, that Israel’s presence (read: occupation) in the West Bank is a “security footprint” or a “security responsibility.” Kushner, I’ve got news for you. What this administration has overlooked is the fact that even the United Nations considers Palestine “occupied.” They have overlooked the fact that this deal represents little more than a legalization of the occupation of Palestine.

To the end, this Twitter thread provides an insightful analogy into this supposed “Deal of the Century.” This plan is hardly a saving grace when it comes to the occupation and relentless erasure of the Palestinian people, and here’s why: