This Community Center Is Creating a Space for Latino Muslims


It must be difficult being a Muslim and a Latino in America today, especially at a time where Islamaphobia rises. How does this center make the Latino community feel proud of their identity?
I have a 10-year-old son, Andrew, and he feels very happy and safe. For him to experience the creation of this center is just so great. I have always instilled in him that the masjid is the house of Allah regardless of how other people treat you. He always holds on to this very deeply and feels that the new center is his new house.
With regards to Islamaphobia, it is very important to be confident in your own skin. I think that it is very important to instill that confidence in your children. Our beloved Prophet went through all of this so this is not something new.
He went through worse than us. To educate our children is very important and that we are rewarded for being patient. I’ve taught my son to be patient and be proud of who he is.
He has his own facebook page called “Where is Andrew“. He is learning to convey the message in the most proper and honest way — but with a smile.