This Community Center Is Creating a Space for Latino Muslims


What are the next steps for IslamInSpanish? Any plans of setting up Centers for Latino Muslims in other states and abroad?
We are grateful because it is thanks to the Muslim community and the donors who have known IslamInSpanish and believed in the cause throughout the years and have made this new endeavor happen.
The community at large has been very positive and grateful that we have taken this to the next level because it is very much needed here in Houston. We hope to see this all over the U.S.
We hope that this is a model for other communities to build upon and grow.
We do have so many plans ahead — it is all a matter of timing. Something that everybody has been waiting for is a Spanish khutbah every week — and that is something we are making happen.
We also have a very diverse class held every Sunday at 11:00 am where we touch upon many different topics for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Out of this class, we have over 10 Shahadahs, subhan’Allah. Latinos are the fastest group of growing Muslims in America.
We are still digesting and thinking about what we could do better. I personally thought that I would never live to see this — to be able to listen to the khutbah in Spanish and be amongst my people.