This Community Center Is Creating a Space for Latino Muslims


What are your thoughts on Islamic Centers specifically for Latino Muslims?
When you revert to Islam, you understand what comes with this change. Many times our families turn their backs away. So the only family you have left is your Muslim family. When people at the masjid are not giving you a salaam — your god-given right — you don’t feel welcome.
Many people have experienced this and more. It is very sad, but it has happened to me. I’m not the type of person to say no for an answer so I still talk to them and try harder. But not a lot of people think like that so they get discouraged. Here we hear a lot of stories of sisters leaving Islam due to this kind of behavior.
We don’t want this happening any longer, so IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico is a home away from home. It is that second home.
If everybody else is closing the door on you, you will not be able to come there without being judged. There will be tranquility and peace — the same reasons why they decided to embrace Islam. This center will bring that all together again.