This Community Center Is Creating a Space for Latino Muslims

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MuslimGirl: Why was IslamInSpanish founded and what was the motivation to create an Islamic Center specifically for Latino Muslims?
Nahela Morales: IslamInSpanish was created 15 years ago when Brother Mujahid Flecther, the founder and CEO of this organization, became Muslim. It was difficult to take Islam back to his family as there were not many resources available for Spanish-speaking Muslims to learn more about their faith or for others to explore the religion.
IslamInSpanish was hence born as Br. Mujahid began to translate different English material for his father to understand. Eventually — his father and mother accepted Islam. But his journey didn’t end there — he has now created an entire organization for the cause and has gathered together a community of Spanish-speaking Muslims to practice their faith together and reach out to others.
I had been working with the National Hispanic Coordinator for ICNA conventions and first came across Br. Mujahid. After meeting a couple of times, he asked me to join the team.
The idea for a community center has been there for a very long time. Br. Mujahid asked the Latino community years ago if they needed a community center. We said that we did not need to split up from the other mosque and said no.
Six months ago, Br. Mujahid asked the same question he asked a few years back. The response this time was completely different. The answer was, “Yes. We need a center of our own.”