Clothes to wear to the mosque?

One lady told me that when praying to Allah or at the mosque, you are not allowed to wear jeans. So my question is if I go to the mosque to pray, what should I wear? Can I wear loosefitting jeans, a loose fitting longsleeve shirt and a hijab? Is that fine?

Like these jeans and this shirt, with the top of the shirt covered with a hijab like this?

Is that ok for the mosque?

Salamu alaikum sister!

When you go to the mosque, you must not wear clothing that reveals the form or shape of your body. While each piece you showed me individually could work, together they don’t seem to be modest enough to be worn to a mosque. You can wear a long spring jacket with jeans so that they cover your behind/thighs, or you can wear a loose skirt coupled with a long shirt. The hijab you showed me is perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t reveal skin from your neck or bits of your hair while you’re moving around during prayer. Make sure it stays secure! For me personally, when I go to the mosque I just wear the traditional prayer clothes that we use at home (the skirt you can pull over pants and the long head piece that covers your arms and back).. I find it a lot easier to pull that on so I don’t have to worry about how I look or if my shirt is going to go up my back when I bend down during prayer.

Remember, the mosque is a place for worship, not for making a fashion statement! Your Muslim brothers and sisters who are there for the right reasons will not be paying attention to what you’re wearing because they’ll be too busy paying attention to their prayers insha’Allah 🙂

These are just suggestions, I hope you can make them work for you!

Wa alaikum asalam.