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The MuslimGirl Clique is a global society of talented and driven Muslim women that are revolutionizing the way Islam is delivered the world over. The members of MGC are movers and shakers that are dedicated to exemplifying the ideals and principles of being a modern Muslim woman. They represent an international sorority of like-minded young innovators that are committed to combatting stereotypes and changing the view of Muslims as we know it. Their lives are a testament to the strength and power of our generation. MuslimGirl may personally extend an invitation for membership, otherwise there are currently three ways to be a part of the clique:

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  1. These Christian western kuffar have to be the most bazaar and ignorant people their is

    They have the highest rape, date rape, gang rape, molestation, and sexual harassment in the world

    They sexually exploit woman in the media, make fornication and premarital sex legal, degrade woman by allowing in their society’s where they can make music describing woman as bit©es and ho€s bombarding and indoctrinating their youth with this type of culture and attitude towards woman……..instead of executing rapist they punish the victim and law abiding citizen by having them pay their hard earned tax dollars so the rapist can do 4 to 7 years, get free shelter, food, medical, dental, cable, video games and wonder why they are trillions in debt and then come out to be repeat offenders, let their daughters to go out with stranger teenage men on “dates”

    Then they scratch their heads and wonder why they have the highest rape rate,date rape, gang rape ,molestation, sexual harasment premarital sex, STD’s, abortions, abuse against woman, and father less children in the world

    Then their own leaders some who claim that if a woman is raped and happens to get pregnant than that doesn’t make it a “legitimate rape” and other politicians like senator Bachman and who tried to run for the highest position of office who believe that woman must submit to a man and are the same western leaders who ally and prop up brutal colonial puppet oppressive dictators who don’t practice shariah khilafa, islam in the middle east just their backward chauvinist, machismo, tribal culture who don’t even allow woman to drive cars , then have the audacity to come and lecture the Muslim world about woman rights

    In Islam you will never be told to submit to a man only to your creator

    I can never understand these islamophobes logic a woman covered and dressed like the virgin Mary mother of Jesus is uncivilized and barbaric but bombarding woman in the fashion industry and sexualizing them and indoctrinating them to dress like Kim Kardashian and miley virus is some how civilized……while they have the highest rate of low self esteem, anorexia, suicide rate for woman in the world

    In America pornography is a million dollar industry, to them a woman on camera being sodomized, spit, peed on is liberation of a woman to us that is denigration of a woman

    It goes to show how different are value system are, part of the reason is we have two different ideology’s ………..You all believe in satanic, man made, cave man made ideology of secular, liberal democracy where it’s usually corrupt career elitist politicians by the way mostly men who get to dictate on how woman, man dress and behave in society……..While we believe it’s are creator who gets to decide and knows best for us

    But its not a surprise why most western woman in droves are choosing and converting to Islam, from doctors, lawyers engineers who are covering up and following the Islamic, Judeo-Christian dress code

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention how they glorify rape and woman violence in their media and video games, music and indoctrinate their youth in society all under guise of freedom of speech

    Even though their are laws in western christian society’s that limit what you can say from defamation, court bans, obscenity laws and in France you can’t deny the holocaust or get locked up

    In Islam you have the right to speak criticism and have a intellectual debate but you can not insult, bully, solely to just harass and offend someone

    Which part of another reason why they have so many abused and bullied kids and school shootings, suicides in the world

    By the way when the founding fathers of your county had In mind about freedom of speech was to say a word against a oppressive tyrant not put a cross in a bottle of urine and call it art

    Oh yeah by the way to all you you Americans who fallow “Judeo-Christian values” Moses and your Paul made up trinity-god Jesus and all the prophets taught that blasphemy is punishable by death

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