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The MuslimGirl Clique is a global society of talented and driven Muslim women that are revolutionizing the way Islam is delivered the world over. The members of MGC are movers and shakers that are dedicated to exemplifying the ideals and principles of being a modern Muslim woman. They represent an international sorority of like-minded young innovators that are committed to combatting stereotypes and changing the view of Muslims as we know it. Their lives are a testament to the strength and power of our generation. MuslimGirl may personally extend an invitation for membership, otherwise there are currently three ways to be a part of the clique:

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  • Azmia (formally known as APRIL DAWN ELLIOTT) [HINT THE WHITE GIRL NAME] is a fake muslim. One day she’s Puerto rican, next she’s white, the next day she’s islamic. Let’s be serious. If anybody knows the real her knows this is true she’s not muslim

  • I came to this site to get into contact with someone that might direct me to a refugee family that I might be able to financially by starting a fundraiser. I will read no further. Zak Gofree’s first few sentences of his post were enough to turn me away from this site. I am saddened right now because CNN did such a beautiful story but I think they should have done their homework.

  • I just saw you on Face The Nation and I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with you and your convictions. Given the vitrol Trump and his minions have stirred up, and unfortunately will continue to stoke over the next four years, our country needs strong young people like you to stand up and remind us that despite our differences in appearance and beliefs (yes, I am Jewish), we are all Americans who should be treated with respect and try harder to understand and love each other.

  • I personally don’t believe in diversity for its own sake. However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can gather people from all around the globe and make it work? I call this place America. Yes it’s not perfect but we can work together based on our core values — freedom and hard work — despite our other differences.

    • “I call this place America […]Yes it’s not perfect but we can work together based on our core values
      — freedom and hard work — despite our other differences.”

      Your core values of freedom and hard work? Whose freedom and whose hard work? Your last name suggests you are from Vietnam. Or maybe China. Is that not so?

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