Check Out Our December #MuslimGirlArmy Care Package

As you all know, Muslim Girl launched a #MuslimGirlArmy care package. The first box was the Post-Election box, which contained goodies, as well as practical defense material to protect and prepare yourself during this post-election time as the country gears up for the rise of Trump and his administration.


The care package contained five items in a cute little box with black wrapping paper. I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek into my box favors so you can be on the lookout for next month’s box of surprises. You won’t want to miss out on January’s box if you’ve already waited on purchasing one of our December care packages.  If you didn’t jump on board to order your first ever care package box from Muslim Girl, this is what you missed out on:

The Crisis Safety Manual For Muslim Women

Created by the Muslim Girl staff, this pink 10-page pamphlet contains tips on how to keep yourself sane in public, at home, and on your way to school/work in a time where Islamophobia-related crimes are on the rise. It mentions safety tips using technology and your hijab, and provides resources for self-defense. It even ends with  a list of duas for solace!


One free pass for a self-defense class at Wise

Because I live in a state where pepper spray is illegal, my care package came with a free defense class. This pass is redeemable at any Wise class where available, and there’s no expiration date!


Halal Nail Polish From Tuesday in Love

This nail polish in “MuslimGirl Pink” is bright and opaque – even after one coat! It stays true to its color, much like our Muslim Girl Army. Plus, it’s water permeable, so it’s suitable for prayer and the mosque.


Raspberry Marshmallows from Simply Mallow

Because what is self-care without a little treat? These halal marshmallows are plush and sweet, with a hint of raspberry. Plus, they’re organic!


Scarf from Vela Scarves

Cause we gotta care about ourselves in style. Vela Scarves graciously geared our girls with fabulous scarves. They can be used as a hijab or a casual scarf around the neck. Each package comes with a different scarf, so each Muslim Girl can have their own flair.


Inspirational Words From Our Baddie of the Month

Each package comes with a note card from our Baddie of the Month. December’s local baddie, Hasnaa Mokhtar , shared her insight on the fears and pain we’ve experienced throughout this election and our lives, as well as the importance of resistance and courage.


So there you have it! Here are the things we’ve provided for our #MuslimGirlArmy in the Post-Election Care Package! Make sure you subscribe and become part of the Muslim Girl Army’s revolution today in order to receive your January box of goodies. I hear it’s going to be fabulous!