The Women’s Intifada

The Arabic word for revolution, thawra, which is in the form of the feminine tense, undoubtedly reflects the nature of the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring has given rise to activists such as Egypt’s Asmaa Mahfouz and Yemen’s Noble Peace Prize Winner Tawakkul Karman, who were vital players in the toppling of regimes. It is…


The World Cup’s Biggest Goal

As the champions of the World Cup will suspensively by decided over the next two days, prominent international figures, including world leaders, performers, and the players themselves, are trying to remind us of the one goal that matters: education for all. Spearheaded by Queen Rania of Jordan, the 1GOAL campaign is aimed at seizing “the…


“My Mother’s Daughter”

Recently, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Yvonne Ridley about her conversion to Islam, after her capture by the Taliban.  This fascinating short film about a Muslim daughter and her Christian mother is a must-see. Ridley talks about how Islam’s feminist principles were what first drew her to the religion. The video exhibits the great difficulties she…

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