100 Years of Hijab Fashion in 1 Minute (MENA/Asia)

Today’s industry is quickly catching onto the modest fashion trend, but the hijab is much more than a fad. While more and more businesses are seeing it as a lucrative commodity, the headscarf is a religious garment just as much as a political one. For generations, it has been a powerful symbol of Muslim women’s…


This TEDx Talk Totally Nails the Muslim Girl Mission

Rutgers student Nouran Shehata gives an amazing TEDx talk on re-claiming our stories. She explains that an infographic demonstrating that the majority of media attention given to Muslims is overwhelmingly negative inspired her to champion the revolution of digital storytelling, and the meaningful global impact we have when we take back our own narratives.

Photo credit: Flickr

Watch as Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya Gives Back in a Big Way

“We used to work together…now we are partners,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, the billionaire business owner behind Chobani yogurt. Ulukaya, a Muslim immigrant from Turkey, told Chobani’s 2,000 full-time employees at its upstate New York plant that they’ll each be receiving shares worth up to 10% of the company’s value when it goes public or is sold. That…

Photo credit: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

This is How Muslims Can Avoid Being Kicked Off Their Flights

This past week, in two separate, unrelated incidents, two Muslims were kicked off Southwest Airlines flights–one, a college student who was speaking Arabic, and the other, a  Muslimah who made the oh-so-serious mistake of switching seats.  The Daily Show has some advice on how to not get thrown off your flight if you’re Muslim.  Check…


Did Tim McGraw Just Feature a Hijabi in His Music Video?

It really doesn’t get any more all-American than country music and Tim McGraw, so when we realized that Tim McGraw included Muslims in his video for “Humble and Kind,” we were intrigued, and decided to check it out for ourselves.  As we were listening, the song’s message was just too beautiful not to share:  Always stay…


Meet the Muslim Woman Starring in Honey Maid’s Cracker Commercial

A Muslim woman who was recently featured in a Honey Maid commercial has some pretty awesome talents in the kitchen off-screen, too.  Meet the “Honey Maid hijabi.”  Her name is Nidaa Moghrabi, and she’s dubbed as “the queen of all cheesecakes.” Baklava cheesecake, kunafa cheesecake, basbousa cheesecake, qamareldeen (apricot) cheesecake; Moghrabi makes the best of both worlds: American…