From the forthcoming film "Generation 9/11"

Three Generations of New York Muslim Women Activists on 9/11

We spoke with three generations of New York Muslim women activists for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the upcoming fifth anniversary of the award-winning memoir ‘Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age.’ This is an excerpt from the forthcoming film Generation 9/11. Guests: Aisha Al-Adawiya, community organizer and founder of Women In Islam Inc.; Linda…


These New Muslim Women TV Characters Play in a Rock Band

There’s a new show on television — and this time we’re meeting an entire ensemble cast of Muslim women characters. In Peacock’s new show “We Are Lady Parts,” starring Anjana Vasan, Amina is an awkward but musically talented brown girl trying to keep up with her friends all getting engaged. Her journey leads her to…


Watch: This Muslim Woman Has a Makeup Tutorial You Have to See!

After seeing the rise in popularity of makeup tutorials on YouTube — and the subsequent increase in self-esteem issues among young Muslim girls — Aisha Rosalie knew she needed to send a powerful message to her sisters in Islam about the most important makeup one can wear: the noor from Allah. Regarding the makeup tutorials,…


Why We Need to Learn the Difference Between Culture and Religion

In this TED talk, Turkish journalist Mustafa Akyol discusses how certain cultural traditions are sometimes confused for being part of Islam, when they have no Islamic basis. Check it out above, and let us know what you think. Why do you think it’s important to learn to differentiate between culture and religion?


Watch What Happens When Bullied Communities Come Together

Video courtesy of SoulPancake’s Facebook page If there’s anything to learn from the interaction in the video above, it’s that your greatest chance of finding a cache of resilience is amongst a group of determined girls, chockfull of courage and conviction in their beliefs. We commence with the introduction of 11 year-old Kheris Rogers, a…


What Does An All Muslim American Cast Look Like?

2018 has been the year of incredible diversity and inclusion in the film industry, giving us all hope that maybe we are witnessing a progressive push forward from tokenism to genuine representation. Just this February, the world was gifted Marvel’s Black Panther, featuring an almost entirely black cast showcasing what black excellence looks like on the big…


Wearing Nail Polish During Wudu and While Praying

Many muslims believe that nail polish creates a barrier against wudu, or ablution water, and thus invalidates prayer. Oftentimes I deal with people leaving comments on my social media asking about (or straight up judging) my claw situation. I’m a woman who loves doing my nails and always have. I mean, we even launched a groundbreaking…


S**T White Girls Say To Muslims

“S**T White Girls Say to Muslimahs” I’ve wanted to do this since last year (another vlogger did a version of this video as well) but I never had to guts to actually film it. This is my first time doing something super ridiculous. Unfortunately, a lot of these questions I’ve actually got from individuals in…


Mean Tweets Read out Loud: Muslim Version

We are living in a time where the entire world is watching us to see how we will react to Islamophobia. News flash, haters, you can’t phase us. True Islam, an organization aimed towards educating non-Muslims on Islam, took an initiative to show the world how much hate Islam gets on social media platforms such as…