The Fallacy of an Anti-Feminist Islam

As with so many discussions on the state of Islam, the question of whether Islam is a feminist religion really boils down to the age-old clash between culture and religion. Anecdotal evidence from the past suggests Islam is a feminist religion, with women taking on roles based on what they felt was required to fulfil…

Photo: MJ Chapman Photography (UK)

On Muslim Men & the ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Mentality

I don’t like to be the bearer of burden. And, I’ll probably receive hella hate for writing this, but I’m about to be a young-looking 30 and as I age, I’m figuring out that I have very little fucks to give. I’m 100 percent sure that this happens in every religion and culture, since the…

Photo credit: Zainab Chaudry

Muslim Internet Proves Cyberbullying is Mad Real

In case you missed it, a Muslim woman who wears hijab was photographed for Playboy magazine.  And — not unexpectedly — the Muslim Internet imploded. Aspiring journalist Noor Tagouri accepted an invitation to be featured in the magazine’s October “Renegades” issue.  Clad in jeans, sneakers, a jacket, and her hijab, the 22-year-old social media personality…


ICYMI: There Should Be #NoAllMalePanels After This

Let’s be honest. No one can deny that there is a harsh gender divide in our community. Well, we’re doing something about that. Last night, MuslimGirl and some incredible avid moguls, writers, and personalities took to Twitter in an epic tweetstorm to attack these issues head on. With the bold hashtag #NoAllMalePanels, the voices of…


The ‘Nudity’ of Westernized Feminism

I was living in Montreal, Canada in 2010 and attending a French class to improve my language skills. I remember the lively and diverse group of students I studied and conversed with. I also remember the hot days of that summer and the challenge of having to wear my headscarf and modest clothing in high…