Muslims React to Andrew Tate Converting to Islam

Controversial online figure, Andrew Tate, confirmed he has converted to Islam. Tate, who is notorious for his radical anti-women beliefs, was banned from social media platforms more than two months ago due to a number of alleged statements he made. Earlier today, he announced on his Gettr account that he is Muslim. The Muslim community…

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Here’s What Muslims Think of Miss Universe 2021

In case you missed it, the Miss Universe 2021 competition will be held on December 12th at the Red Sea resort of Eilat. Quite recently, many contestants have withdrawn from the competition, mostly because of the pandemic and its travel restrictions. However, Miss South Africa, Lalela Mswane, has refused to withdraw and has even made…

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Here’s How Muslim Women Prepare for Traveling

Ready for the holiday season? With exams coming to an end, traveling is surely an option for those of us who want to have a fun break! But if you’re a Muslim revert, for example, chances are you still don’t know how you can prepare for traveling.  No worries! We asked Muslim women how they…

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Fashion Shows & Headscarves: What’s Your Stance?

Paris Fashion Week recently made headlines after seeing models wore headscarves on the catwalk. There are nearly 30 million Muslims living in Western societies, and ironically, we still need representation so that we can get our legitimate freedom to wear what we want without being assaulted, arrested, or forced to undress. We’re living in a…


5 Millennial Muslims and Their 9/11 Recollections

In the 20 years since the tragedy that was 9/11 took place, a lot has happened. The perception of Islam and Muslims as being hostile to the West took hold, and several politicians have made careers off of their Islamophobic rhetoric. An entire generation of children who weren’t even alive when 9/11 happened have grown…


10 of the Best Reactions to Trump’s Twitter Ban

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the dangerous to democracy man-child in the Oval Office was banned from Twitter, finally, after four years of inciting hatred among his followers. Twitter, naturally, brought its best jokes for a day we’ve all been waiting for. Here are 10 of our favorites. Now we all have…


Meet Your Newest Internet Obsession: Arab Girl With Sign

Move over “Dude With Sign.” We’ve got a new internet obsession, and she’s the “Arab Girl With Sign!” Here to bless our feeds with placards stating what we’re ALL thinking, “Arab Girl With Sign” is doing it for the culture, and she’s taking no prisoners! From calling out problematic double standards within her culture to…


This Reflection on the Muslim Ban Is Everything

In this emotional yet enlightening Twitter thread from reporter Rowaida Abdelaziz, she explores the sad reality of the Muslim Ban. The Muslim Ban entered its third year a few days ago, and whilst the media noise around it may have died down, the ban continues to tear families apart. On its third anniversary, Rowaida reflected upon…


Deal of the Century or Scam of the Century? This Twitter Thread Clarifies

Are we talking “Deal of the Century,” or “Scam of the Century?” Matters reached a fever pitch yesterday after Jared Kushner and the Trump Administration’s paltry attempt at a two-state solution came to a head. Whilst Palestinians and their allies decried the plan as erasure, Kushner and his cronies spun a narrative that suggested Palestinians…


#OwnVoices: Here’s Why We Need Representation in Literature

So, we know the battle for representation is a fierce one. The seemingly simple request that Muslim women (or any people of color) be the ones to tell their own stories to lend some semblance of authenticity to our narratives has somehow brought on more confusion than I can explain. Muslim women tell their own…


These 11 Tweets Remind Us That Yemen Is Still Suffering

The internet is saturated with information, and so, it’s easy for devastatingly vital news to get lost in the deluge. But let’s not forget, Yemen is currently going through what is widely considered to be the worst humanitarian crisis in the 21st Century, courtesy of the self-proclaimed gatekeepers of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia….