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A Florida Candidate for the U.S. Senate, Carlos Beruff, Says It’s Not Safe to Allow ‘Anybody From the Middle East’ in the U.S.

He makes an exception for Israel, though. Presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims from coming to the United States.  The U.S. House has restricted travelers from Iraq.  Now Florida candidate Carlos Beruff, a Republican, wants to ban anyone from a Middle Eastern country–with the exception of Israel, of course–from entering the United States….


New Jersey Board of Education Member Gladys Gryskiewicz Resigns After Racist & Islamophobic Comments. Here’s What She Said That Sparked the Outrage.

Gladys Gryskiewicz, a Board of Education member in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, has resigned after reportedly posting a series of racist and Islamophobic messages on her personal Facebook account. The Facebook posts were made in January and February, and include one where she said Muslims should “stay in your desserts[sic] and follow your religion in your own…

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Here’s One Sentence That Shuts Down the French Government’s Latest Freak Out Over the Hijab

Just over a week ago, in an interview with France’s Libération newspaper, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls voiced his support for banning the hijab at universities. Though he admitted that “…there are rules in the constitution that would make such a ban difficult,” he still said that the ban should happen. Since 2004, France’s laws ban the…

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Donald Trump Confuses 9/11 for 7-11

Donald Trump made an embarrassing blunder this past Monday at a rally in Buffalo, NY, when he called 9/11, a day that transformed the political landscape of the entire world, 7-11, the slurpee-toting convenience store. Dude…what ARE you saying?  We damn sure don’t know, cause YOU don’t even know. “It’s very close to my heart…


No Role Models: Ayan Hirsi & the White Savior Complex

When it comes to Islam, Ayan Hirsi is an important figure, although I don’t think she’s important in the way that she believes she is.  As a so-called “expert” on Islam, by default, her voice is assigned a certain degree of credibility, but let’s be clear–what credentials does she have to support the platform she’s…


Muslim Women Escorted Off jetBlue for Staring Too Long?

Two Muslim women were escorted by authorities off a JetBlue flight from Boston to Los Angeles for allegedly “staring” at a flight attendant. The incident, which was recorded by passengers, saw the passengers of the flight being instructed to remain seated after the plane landed as authorities were boarding the flight. The two women were…


Apparently It’s Cool to Fire Muslims for Praying

“It’s not a good thing when you have a family and you are supporting your wife, your kids,” Abdinasser Ahmed told The Denver Post. While this is the story of thousands of immigrants across America, Ahmed’s experience is a little different. He is one of the 190 Muslim workers who were fired late last month…