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WTF: Newt Gingrich Wants to Surveil, Test, and Deport Muslims

Following yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Nice, France, Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity, calling for more surveillance against American Muslims, and saying that any Muslim who believes in Sharia law should be required to leave the country, and deported. “Western civilization is in a war. We should frankly test every person here…

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Let’s Tell Ludacris Why He Shouldn’t Perform at Guantanamo Bay

Within the last twenty-four hours, The Independent broke the news that the Grammy winning actor/rapper Ludacris will be performing at the controversial Guantanamo Bay military for their Fourth of July festivities. He’s slated to headline their “Freedom Festival,” where he’ll perform for a crowd of about 6,000 military personnel. >WHILE WE RESPECT AND APPRECIATE OUR MILITARY PERSONNEL AND…

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Anti-Muslim Lawyer Accuses Muslim Women of “Civilizational Jihad” to Counter a Discrimination Suit

The owners of a California restaurant are now countersuing a group of Muslim women for trespassing, after the owners were sued for kicking the women out of the establishment. The restaurant’s lawyer is accusing the group of women of “civilizational jihad,” which is not a real term, and even if it was, it would be practically…


New York City’s MTA Bans Subway Ads Normalizing Muslims

The Muslims are coming, and we live amongst you, and want to be able to express ourselves without having our First Amendment rights infringed upon…just an FYI. In New York City, over five million people take the subway every single day, and advertisements plastered on the walls, and in the subway are an integral part…


14 Things Muslims Get Tired of Hearing During Ramadan

Now that we’re well into Ramadan, chances are we’ve all been relentlessly hit with the same tireless questions and comments that we’re just tired of hearing. In no particular order, here’s a quick list of things Muslims get tired of hearing during Ramadan, strictly for bants.  🙂 “….not even water?”   “….so, like, you don’t…


Is Iran Accusing Kim Kardashian of Being a Secret Agent?

Iran has recently stepped up their culture cop game, sending bunches of undercover police into communities to enforce modest behavior, like the country’s dress code, which includes mandatory hijab for women. The agency tasked with policing domestic culture and thwarting the influence of other nations–particularly Western influence–is the Revolutionary Guards Corp, and they’ve recently named an unlikely…

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Donald Trump Channels Britney Spears & “Damn Daniel” With Pig’s Blood Propaganda

Ted Cruz isn’t the only Presidential hopeful who gets his information from Internet hoaxes.  His arch-nemesis Donald Trump does, too. Back in February, at a rally in South Carolina, Trump told a tall tale about General John Pershing ending terrorism by executing Muslim prisoners with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.  According to urban legend, once upon a time,…