Africans Were the First Muslims in America

Watch this amazing video, where we learn about the first Muslims in America – Africans Americans. They discuss the weight of their identities on their shoulders, their hope for the future, and most importantly, their journey in this country as African-American Muslims.


Imported Hate: Muslims Continue To Face Islamophobia

What does it mean to be an American Muslim? Have you encountered micro-aggressive comments or actions from others? Islamophobia spreads quickly. In fact, anti-Islamic bills have been passed in 15 states legislating hate on a conscious level toward Muslims. These bills give the green light for others to act out against Muslims, not thinking anything…


Pandemic Paralysis: The Chopping Block

The “Pandemic Paralysis” series is one in which the author will be exploring the effects of social distancing during the pandemic for those suffering from mental health challenges, and how the pandemic has exacerbated these challenges. Says the author, “I think many women can relate to how much more they are all of a sudden…


5 Must Read Books Written by Muslim Women

Finding books with a decent representation of Muslim women without a biased lens is hard in the Western literature sphere. Thankfully, more and more Muslim authors this generation are writing beautiful novels with nuanced portrayals of what it means to be a Muslim woman, and the Muslim experience.  Whether you want a book to read…


This Art Exhibit Features Islamic Sacred Geometry

While Islamic Arts have a glorious and illustrious history prior to present times, in the U.S., currently there is a growing attention to and vibrant movement of Muslim artists and Islamic Art. Part of this is the work being done at the Center for Religion and the Arts in Berkeley, California, where there is an…


A Poem About Daughters: Ancestors

Someone once told me, My mother carried my daughter first. It’s true! When we were in our mother our eggs form in the embryo as a fetus, My mother made room for my daughter and fed my daughter before I. And her grandmother the same with her and I, One day I will carry my…


A Poem About Marriage: The New Bride

Dolkis, ghajaras, yellow and pink dust in the air, Laughter of mothers and aunts, cousins and nieces.   A glimpse of happiness, Turns to sudden fears of the unknown.   Decorated eyes looking up in desperation, The green glitter is dim but still shines.   Torn and beaten with age, you can still make out…


Meet Nesima Aberra, a Muslim Poet Writing Poems for Peace

The Peace Studio, led by peace educator Maya Soetoro of the Obama Foundation, islaunching a new campaign, 100 Offerings of Peace. This project brings over 10 countries together with both known and emerging creatives in visual, performing, literary, spiritual, and musical arts to generate new works about what peace means to them, how they practice…


3 of Our Favorite Islamic Cartoons

As kids grow up, there’s one thing that is universally beloved by virtually all of them: cartoons. Kids love cartoons, whether they’re watching Saturday morning cartoons or watching after school as a treat for completing homework. Back in the day, Islamic cartoons were both funny and informative. When we look at some of the most…