Making Muslim Women Stay at Home Is Against Prophetic Example

Dear Wallah Bro, There will come a time in your life when you’ve established your iman, graduated college, stabilized your finances and have secured a job. You might feel like you’re ready to find someone special. When that time comes, please don’t expect that someone to be any less established than you are. Muslim women aren’t molded…


11 Clever Ways to Get Men to Stop Harassing You In the Streets

Last time on #WallahBroWednesday, I shared nine numbers to give to men if they ask for it and won’t leave you alone. Now, if this F-boy won’t leave you alone and won’t take “no” for an answer, that’s another story. Here are eleven ways women can get men to not mess with them in these streets! 1….


9 Phone Numbers to Give a Wallah Bro If He Asks for It

Ever had an F-boy ask for your number the second he sees you? Well, this week on #WallahBroWednesday, here is a list of 9 numbers you can give when he can’t take a “no.”   1. Your dad’s number. He’ll know what to do from there. 2. The local mosque. This Wallah Bro will probably get…


He Reads Surat Al Baqara Daily, Mashallah

When I was younger, I used to travel to Egypt every summer with my family to reconnect with cousins, brush up on my Arabic, and eat authentic koshary (aka — a bowl of heaven: pasta, lentils, rice all mixed together with onion and spicy tomato sauce.) Every summer, my high school and then college friends would…


This is Where You Might Find a “Wallah Bro”

Let’s face it, Wallah Bros are EVERYWHERE! In honor of #WallahBroWednesday, this week I will provide you with a list of locations you may want to steer clear of in order to avoid a Wallah Bro woe. Your local shawarma restaurant, since his family might own the restaurant, let alone work there. Your college’s MSA (Muslim…


A Wallah Bro Told Me He Loved Me — 2 Weeks In

**This article is in multiple parts — it is to be continued.**   Wallah bros — we all know one. They are everywhere. From our mosques, to our university classes — and even in our social circles. They are the type of man that should be forced into isolation until they know better. The type that…


How to Spot a Wallah Bro: A Meme Guide

They lurk among you. They live in your neighborhoods. They attend your masajid. You might be sitting next to one RIGHT NOW. What are they? They’re “Wallah Bros:” AKA the “Haraam Police,” AKA those dudes who have to say “Wallah” after every sentence. Wallah. You’re in luck. While you could spend the rest of your…


What It’s Really Like to Date a #WallahBro

#WallahBroWednesday is a feature where we respond to Facebook messages, love letters, creepy propositions, and downright absurd requests from those who are “single and looking for a wife, insha’Allah.” Some days, I still think I love you. Those aren’t good days. In fact, they are the days when I am at my lowest. Because the…