This Is What You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Get Married

Marriage is a time that many look forward to. Often, couples will plan everything to the last detail: invitations, music playlists, seating arrangements, food menus, floral arrangements, and every other conceivable detail. However, sometimes despite the best of foresight and planning, one of the most important aspects of the union is overlooked: the marriage contract,…

Get with a community My squad--where oh where would I be without them? I'm blessed with my Muslim Girl family, but also with the best of friends who keep my deen in check.  I have a few friends who make me a better Muslim just by being in their presence, and anytime I feel like I need to up my spirituality, I know they are a text, phone call, or coffee date away. When you can’t pray, keep those folks extra close.

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6 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Humans are extremely social beings. We thrive off interactions, friendships, and relationships, and gain most of our energy from those brief interactions. Unfortunately, more often than not, our little circle of friends — or the people we associate with — turn out to be toxic in more ways than one. And we tend to miss…

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Why I’m Tired of Dating Ramy

Earlier this year, Hulu dropped the second season of the comedy-drama Ramy. In Season One, we’re introduced to Ramy Hassan, a first-generation American-Egyptian Millennial in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. Throughout the show, we watch Ramy struggle to figure out if he’s just “culturally Muslim” or if he actually wants to be a prays-five-times-a-day…

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A Layer of Silence

Wednesdays were Mustafa Ahmed’s favorite days. Mostly because he only had to work for half the day. And his wife always made him a special lunch. But also because he got to see all his many nieces and nephews and play with their children. Mustafa was getting old, but he liked to believe he was…


How NikahNama™ Is Reviving An Age-Old Tradition

When NikahNama™ founder Nushmia Khan is asked what drives her motivation regarding the business she founded, her reply is always the same: “To help Muslims be Muslims more beautifully.” NikahNama™ is reviving an age-old tradition that is inherently Islamic. Numerous Islamic scriptures illustrate the merit of marriage and its link to faith. NikahNama™ recognizes this completion of…

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3 Types of Men You Meet on Minder

They say finding a good man in today’s Tinder era is like finding a needle in a haystack. If that’s true, then finding a good Muslim man, in today’s Minder era, is like finding a needle in the Sahara desert — almost impossible.   As a single, observant Black American Muslim woman in her late twenties,…

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Here’s Why This Bride Opted for a Zoom Wedding

The pandemic has forced many people to cancel, postpone, or reconsider their plans for 2020. One category of people who have had to make major adjustments to their plans are couples who wanted to celebrate their love with their friends and family, but couldn’t because of health restrictions. After planning for many months for the…


This Is Why Marriage Is a Leap of Faith

It’s 2017, and my cousin recently got engaged. Beaming, she shows me the gifts she received from the groom’s side of the family at the engagement ceremony: sky-high stilettos, a Western-style diamond pendant and matching earrings, a Ted Baker makeup bag — exotic luxuries for a young girl raised in a mid-size city in north…


Dear Arab Sisters: Our Current Understanding of Sex Limits Us

Editor’s note: The views expressed here are those of the author.  Author’s note: This letter is a brief introduction to my analysis of how sexuality is represented in Arab culture. It is meant to serve as a conversation starter. I want to emphasize my letter regards the sexual repression of Arab women in Arab culture. This is not…


The Sexual (Mis)Education of a Muslim Girl

One of my earliest memories was of mama pulling me behind a curtain so that I could change my soiled tights. I was very young and bewildered as to why I couldn’t just make the clothing swap in the living room so I wouldn’t miss out on the Pokemon episode I was watching with my…