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Planning an Event? 5 Mistakes to Avoid

The success of an event is determined by how well the event is planned. The event planner needs to pay attention to the small details that will make the event successful and memorable. Planning an event is a hectic task. Many mistakes are involved when planning an event. The mistakes may ruin the event. The…

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Is Religion a Social Issue In U.S. Universities?

In 1962, the Supreme Court in the United States passed a ruling that banned prayers sponsored by schools. The court only allowed private prayers where a few students could meet and pray without involving the entire school. Some analysts believe this was the genesis of the many religious-social challenges in U.S. schools today.  Specifically, religion…


When You Are Asked “Where Are You From?” One Too Many Times

I sat earlier today getting my nails done in a nail shop in midtown for 10 dollars (message me and I’ll tell you where). I think the nail technician was Indian, but I’m honestly not sure. She could’ve been Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan for all I know. She was talking to her coworkers in her…


Why Stereotypes Are Oppressive to Muslim Women

One of the most misunderstood Islamic teachings is about the treatment, or rather the mistreatment of Muslim women. The mainstream Westernized perspective is generally that Muslim women are deprived of their rights. By continuously presenting Muslim women as fully covered and following male orders, the media has stereotyped Muslim women as oppressed and with little…


What Does Islam Say About Forced Marriages?

In some cultures, a girl’s right to marry is ignored. Educated men and women now talk about marriage at home, but in some cultures, women may still be discouraged from talking about marriage. In these cultures, parents may an arrange a marriage for their children.   Some Muslims from these cultures don’t accept the idea…

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Why Today Is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Today, August 3rd, is Black Women Equal Pay Day. This date signifies how long it takes a Black woman working full-time to catch up to making what her average non-Hispanic white male counterpart earned in 2020. Black women make 63 cents for every dollar made by a white man. Meaning that if both of them…



The subject of divorce is always a sensitive one, no matter what context it relates to. But, when we have to juggle a separation with our religion, things can quickly become even more complicated. For whatever reason, it’s an unavoidable fact of life that some marriages don’t work out. When that happens, the best, or…

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The Truth About Birth Trauma In the BAME Community

It’s been widely reported that women from BAME communities are more likely to experience birth trauma, or die during pregnancy. So, why is that the case, and what can be done to change this worrying trend? The likelihood of experiencing birth trauma has, for the most part, significantly decreased over the years. This is thanks,…

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Race and religion should never hold you back from finding your dream job, but even in a 21st century world, there are still many challenges for Muslim women. Read on to find out how you can empower yourself and succeed in your career. In 2016, the BBC reported that despite more Muslim women going into higher…


8 Islamic Schools to Consider In the United States

What makes the United States an attractive choice to students when it comes to higher education is the variety of institutions that one can choose from. Virtually all U.S. institutions cherish diversity and inclusion. The majority of U.S. colleges are secular, and promote cultural diversity. A few of them, however, are built by those inspired…



Muslim weddings are much simpler than most other religions. In actuality, Islam defines marriage as a simple social contract wherein two individuals come together to share the burden of life and celebrate joyous moments. For this contract to come into being, Nikkah is the only ceremony or tradition prescribed by the religion. However, with time,…

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6 Ways To Share Faith With Your Child

In this day and age, it’s harder to raise your children in your faith. There are many parents out there that don’t choose to bring their children into their faith, but you want to share it with yours. How can you do that in the modern age? Here are some ways you can share your…

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6 Tips For Crafting Your Own Jewelry

Making your own jewelry can be a wonderful way to explore your creative side, learn to work with hand tools, study up on gems, and expand your accessory collection with fun handmade pieces in no time! Even better, a line of your own jewelry creations can be an excellent way to give gifts, and even…