How the Concept of “Giving Rights” Perpetuates Disenfranchisement

This op-ed does not encourage giving up on our rights in any way whatsoever, and does not refute the significance of demanding our rights. Rather, it sheds light upon how language serves fascism. Again, language is political, and it’s catastrophic how it often goes by unnoticed. We all — myself included — are accustomed to…


6 Reasons Socialism and Islam Are Compatible

As I continue building on my activism, I’ve had to defend several ways I advocate for equality and how I identify. Perhaps none of them get more raised eyebrows than when I say I’m a socialist.  Yes, the favorite villain of America politics, and perhaps the most misunderstood political concept.  But socialism isn’t just misunderstood…


Here’s What I Learned After I Was Bullied for Being Muslim

When Rod Wave said, “Heart been broke so many times I don’t know what to believe,” I felt it. It’s sixth grade. We’re reading an article on terrorist attacks. Why do they have to make me look bad? I can’t help but look at my lap while sitting on the carpet with the rest of…


These Are the Challenges I Face as a Yemeni Woman

I am a Yemeni woman and proud of it – but ladies, we face many challenges that I believe we can overcome if we worked together toward the same goals. But, you have to admit that being a woman who believes in fighting for women’s rights is even more challenging in our community. Some may…


It’s Time To Talk About Colorism in the Arab Community

This op-ed neither refutes the fact that racism exists in Arab communities, nor claims that all Arabs are racists and/or colorists. Rather, it challenges those who are not interested to know what colorism is, and racialize Arab identity just to claim that they cannot be racists when they are all “Arabs.” I was sitting with…

Janek Skarzynski/AFP via Getty

We Need to Make Muslim Spaces More Inclusive of LGBTQ+ Muslims

Trigger warning: this post includes mention of suicide and violence. When Sarah Hegazi was imprisoned, tortured, and eventually exiled from Egypt because she raised the LGBTQ pride flag at a concert in 2017, her courage sparked controversy and inspired many. Hegazi is one of the reasons I dared to take rainbow LGBTQ+ gear while visiting…


This is What Defunding the Police Looks Like

As protests rise across the US after the murder of Geroge Floyd at the knee of a police officer (as well as neglect for the officer’s partners,) many people are saying the solution is to defund the police. What does defunding the police mean to the community, and how can it impact us all?  Defunding…