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10 Tips on Reorganizing Your Life in 2023

It is officially 2023! I’ve never been the kind of person to make new year’s resolutions because I can’t stick to them no matter how much I want to. New year’s resolutions are always very daunting to accomplish so instead I decided to focus on how I can reorganize my life this year to be…

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5 Anti-Aging Remedies to Preserve Your Youth

Many people perceive the aging process to be undesirable. When an individual looks in the mirror and discovers new signs of the aging process (gray hairs, fine lines), it’s not uncommon for panic to set in their heart. While everyone grows older, some people can thrive and look more youthful as they increase in age….


How to Build Habits that Enrich Your Life

The small steps that you take every day are what add up to a lifetime of wellness. How you structure your day and the people that you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your health and happiness. Building healthy habits will naturally lead to a more successful and fulfilling life. Here are five…

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September is Suicide Awareness Month and these days, it seems mental health awareness is around every corner. Maybe it’s just my algorithm, but personally I can’t get very far on social media without seeing an infographic that lists all the signs that I’m depressed — something most depressed people already know, but hey, I’m not…


5 Products You Should Have In Your Skincare Routine

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of skincare products on the market these days. With so many choices, it is no wonder that many people are confused about what is worth their time and financial investment. Here are five proven necessities for your skincare routine. Cleanser The cornerstone of all skincare starts…

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7 Haircare Tips for Hijabis

Women that wear hijab commonly misunderstand that it is okay to skip having a good hair care regimen as their tresses are not exposed to dust or pollution. It is precisely the opposite case — the hair is wrapped in a hijab for the most part of the day, and over time hair tends to…


We Need To Talk About the Colorado Shooting and Mental Health

WE NEED TO TALK I remember watching the news from my television in France and seeing yet another shooting happening in the United States. I am afraid, uncomfortable and unfamiliar. I feel fear because I am now living in the United States and need to have my voice heard concerning gun violence. I am uncomfortable…


5 Reasons Millennials Should Start Journaling

Children are expected to keep a regular diary while growing up. This is where they can write down daily activities for review. In fact, at some point in our schooling as children, we were probably required to journal or keep a journal. Unfortunately, most people don’t practice this habit once they become adults, even knowing…


4 Ways To Destress

With university and schools starting session again — and oh yeah, COVID is still a thing, and the U.S. is basically a dumpster fire right now — here are a few ways to help you manage your stress. Practice mindfulness Do you feel overwhelmed with assignments, errands and that never ending to-do list? Try taking…


5 Hair Care Tips for Hijabis

Sisters, can we talk? In particular, can we talk about haircare tips for hijabis? I get it, wearing hijab can sound so simple in comparison to having to do your hair everyday for school or work, but the truth is, wearing hijab has its obstacles, from fly-away hairs peaking out for everyone to see, to…


11 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life Today (And Why They Work!)

Did you know that according to research a person has 80,000 thoughts a day? But here’s the surprising part…90 percent of these thoughts are actually recycled from the day before, and 80 percent of these are negative. Crazy right? So it makes sense why change can be so difficult, right? It is easy to live life…


How to Overcome Feelings of Shame

Have shame — the more shame you experience, the less likely you are to sin. Shame will stop you from sinning, because nobody wants to experience that feeling. A person without shame will destroy their lives. In some ways, those messages are accurate. Shame is a horrible feeling; it shows up as a pit in…


This Is Why I Don’t Need to Be Less Sensitive

When I was a little girl, I was dubbed sensitive. I’d get upset when I was teased, and I was incredibly soft spoken. In those days, I was painfully shy and timid; the kind of child who’d stay away from sports because I wasn’t good at them, and stay away from other children because I…