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10 Tips For Muslim Women to Land Your Dream Career

Muslim women still face many challenges in the workforce, including attaining their career dreams. While more Muslim women pursue higher education than men, some don’t pursue a career in their field. Many schools and universities make legal advice available to combat inequalities, but many Muslim women may feel cultural or community pressure to stay home…

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How to Start a Business With a New Baby In The House

Starting your own business as a new parent may seem risky and overwhelming. But parenthood and entrepreneurship have a lot in common – there is the birthing (of a person/an idea) and the long first year of intense ups and downs. However, having a baby can be inspiring, and you can channel your 3 am…


Do Your Pitches Go Unnoticed? Here’s How to Stand Out

Have you been trying to pitch a publication? You may have been ignored multiple times — it happens to all of us. You may have had an idea that was absolutely brilliant, and yet, you just couldn’t put it the right words to catch the right person’s attention. You already did it all — you…

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Why Today Is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Today, August 3rd, is Black Women Equal Pay Day. This date signifies how long it takes a Black woman working full-time to catch up to making what her average non-Hispanic white male counterpart earned in 2020. Black women make 63 cents for every dollar made by a white man. Meaning that if both of them…

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Race and religion should never hold you back from finding your dream job, but even in a 21st century world, there are still many challenges for Muslim women. Read on to find out how you can empower yourself and succeed in your career. In 2016, the BBC reported that despite more Muslim women going into higher…


This Nurse Shares Why Muslim Women Working In Healthcare Is Vital

Muslim Girl would like to send our sincere thanks to our nation’s healthcare workers at this time, who are risking their lives to save lives in the battle against COVID-19. Please continue to wear a mask, social distance, and stay home so you can stay safe. In this time of mass chaos and worldwide healthcare…


This Is Your Mid-Week Motivational Round Up

It’s hump day people, and you know what that means! We are halfway through the week, and in desperate need of a pick-me-up. What I normally do when I need a little dose of motivational spirit to get me through the rest of the week is turn to my favorite poet, author, and motivational speaker…


I’m Ambitious AF, and Proud of It

“There’s nothing wrong with being driven. And there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first to reach your goals.” – Shonda Rhimes I have always been an ambitious person. Growing up, I wanted to be a fashion designer, with my designs gracing runways from New York to Milan. My goal was one that I believed was tangible, and the…


8 Freelance Jobs for the Modern Muslim Girl

Freelancing can help any person of any age find a creative and interesting job they will enjoy. Since there are numerous job options on the freelance market, you can easily search for what suits your skills and interests the most. In case you haven’t pinpointed your passions and you’re still figuring out what your dream…


Allyship vs. Ego: Which Will Win Corporate America Over? 

Working in corporate America as a woman of color demands much needed time for reflection. I used to be insecure about many things, mainly the plethora of reasons why I felt I didn’t fit in certain work situations. To this day, I partake in conversations faced with individuals who seem unnecessarily passive-aggressive, and as someone…


Why Muslim Women Need to Flourish as Career Professionals

As a career-oriented & progressive Pakistani Muslim, I am perhaps considered liberal: defiant of the traditional cultural stigma that comes with not being married and ‘settling down’ in my early to mid-twenties. However, I decided early on that I would never be happy in a relationship until I was satisfied with myself. To me, being…


Women Are Taking Charge to Make the Workplace More Child-Friendly

Equality in the workplace is an intense work-in-progress. There are endless issues to think about, such as the pay gap, and incessant sexual harassment at work. On the other hand, and on a brighter note, women are making things happen on their own. Today we see both men and women responsible for the care of…