A #FreePalestine makeup look by Güneşh Guzel (@gunesh_xcv/Instagram) to raise awareness about what's happening in Palestine to her followers.

The 8 Makeup Looks That Got Us Clapping This Year

Halloween this year comes with different vibes in the midst of the Israeli attacks. And with Israeli influencers using makeup to mock Palestinians, these eight #FreePalestine makeup looks are much needed these days as an opposite force for good.

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An Imam Compared My Marriage to a Marlboro Light

I have been a proud Muslim for as long as I can remember. I have been proudly queer for just as long. Growing up in a progressive, mixed-faith, mixed-race home in Morocco, I had the privilege of simultaneously living in several worlds at once. My father, a Muslim man who lived with integrity, kindness, and…


My Success Didn’t Give Me Peace of Mind

We go through life with a set of expectations, often derived from our own cultural and familial upbringings. A path is laid before us from which we are intended to uncover our worth and ultimate life purpose. When this path deviates or completely unravels, people often feel a profound sense of failure, confusion, and disappointment….

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How Allah Showed up for Me When I Was at My Lowest

Some may call it a miracle, and some may call it simply Allah doing His work. I call it both. To begin with, I am 41, white, and have been practicing Islam for about six months now. Practicing this religion was my choice. I always believed in God and witnessed many prayers being answered when…

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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Consider

2021 is almost at an end, and I think we can all collectively agree that this year has also been one rollercoaster of a year. The pandemic is still ruling over the majority of the world and while things have somewhat resorted back to normal, we are still a long way away from living life…

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7 Ways Muslims Can Finish the Year on a High Note

Have you been on and off track for quite a while now? Do you want to finish the year strong, but you still can’t figure out how you can possibly do it?  If this speaks to you, keep reading because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of what you can do so that you…

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How Muslims Can Start the New Year Off Strong

If you’re wondering these days about how to start the new year strong, hold on. Take a deep breath, and lean into this conversation with me because you don’t want to repeat the same broken patterns again for this upcoming year. The reason why you need to pause is that you’ve made that same list…

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How Do You Find Your Purpose In Life?

If your life is becoming repetitive and unsatisfactory, it may be time to discover and pursue your life’s purpose. Why should you find and follow your life purpose? Life can be an incredible adventure or a grueling challenge, yet it is nothing more than a monotonous, automatic routine for most people. Get up, work, eat,…

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Your Guide to Rise & Shine When Your Community Lets You Down

“Medical school isn’t free.”  “If I follow my dreams, will my family be satisfied?”  “I have made many mistakes in my life, can’t make another one.”  “Why can’t I find a good guy at the age of 28?”  “I’m not in love with her. Should I still marry her since everyone is pressuring me?” “Can’t…


Why Nawal El Saadawi Is a Feminist Revolutionary Icon

“Feminism is not a Western invention. Feminism is not invented by American women, as many people think. No, feminism is embedded in culture and in the struggle of all women all over the world.”  This quote pops into my head every time someone tries to discredit and shame Arab and Muslim women’s feminist activism as…


20 of 2020’s Major Milestones for Muslims

This past year was…interesting; 2020 was definitely a rollercoaster of events and emotions. With more downs than ups, this year will be remembered forever. From things like the troublesome U.S. elections to the constant racism and Islamophobia many Muslims around the world faced and are still facing, this year has absolutely been one for the…


I Was Sexually Assaulted and Enough Is Enough

Author’s note: This tale is not meant to act as a how-to for dealing with sexual assault. It is simply an acknowledgement of  my suffering and how I turned to faith and professional health to overcome my trauma. To my sisters who have been the victims of sexual assault and are still floundering and struggling…


How Bullying And Body-Shaming Changed My Course

Editor’s note: In this eye-opening and relatable thought-piece, guest contributor and content creator, Ameera Safdar, speaks out about how bullying and body-shaming affected her. Whilst the journey to healing is rarely smooth or even remotely linear, we hope that Ameera’s journey brings an ounce of comfort and support to anyone going through the same experience. …