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Between Duty & Defiance: How I Coped With Becoming a Carer

Calling myself a carer feels like a paradox to me, because I do not think I am as dutiful as I ought to be. I let my duties slip, often: making appointments for my mum and cooking daily (not to mention ordering takeaway late at times). I can be argumentative, so I constantly need Allah’s…


Muslim Girls and Marijuana: All About the Halal Hemp Movement

LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW ON UNCOVERED. Muslim Girl is back with another episode of Uncovered, the podcast where our groupchat comes to life with trending topics among our editors, writers and special guests. This time, co-hosts Amna and Amirah embark on a journey with the founder of Halal Hemp, Jamidah, to explore a controversial subject…

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O’Shae Sibley Is an Example of Why Influencers Need to Fact Check

O’Shae Sibley, a 28-year-old African American man who identified as LGBTQ+, was stabbed to death outside of a Mobil Gas Station in Brooklyn, New York on July 29, 2023. A group of individuals confronted him and his friends for playing Beyonce music while dancing. The young men were bothered by Sibley’s dancing in public and…

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Here’s Why You Need to Stop Supporting Fast Fashion

Nowadays, fast fashion is as popular and convenient as ever. However, fast fashion has constantly been correlated with a negative impact, but not many people talk about it. With a rise in Muslim fashion influencers, and the constant pressure to shop, it becomes difficult to be mindful of practicing sustainability when it comes to fashion….

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Why Do I Need to Be Nice To My Family?

As Muslims, we learn early on the importance of maintaining positive relationships with individuals in our community and in our family. Islam places a lot of stress on the act of being kind to the people we are related to or surround ourselves with. We frequently ponder why establishing excellent relationships with our families, neighbors,…


What Rights do Parents Have Over their Children’s Money?

“It’s not that I don’t want to spend my money on my mother, but I barely have enough to survive,” is what I constantly hear from people I know. Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed quite a number of complicated situations regarding parents’ rights over their children’s money. People question this as if there’s only one…

Fatima Mohammed giving a commencement speech at CUNY School of Law.

Fatima Mohammed Spoke Nothing But the Truth

Fatima Mohammed has been trending globally for all the right reasons. She spoke against the Israeli-military regime that continues to murder Palestinian people and termed the NYPD to be fascist in the way they operate. Truth be told, she was right. It comes as no surprise that media outlets are tarnishing and harassing Mohammed for…

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7 Inspirational Videos For Reverts

Embracing the religion of Islam is a great honor. However, entering into a new religion can be daunting. Finding a support system and navigating through life’s moments can seem difficult for reverts. Here is a list of inspirational and motivating videos for reverts as they journey through Islam! The Internet Can Be a Supportive You…


How Hannah Montana Inspired My Muslim Girl Identity Growing Up

While I am no pop star, I have never resonated more with a character growing up than I did with Hannah Montana. As a young girl who grew up in the early 2000s era, I lived vicariously through TV show personalities – and I particularly gravitated toward the show “Hannah Montana,” a television series that…


White School Uniforms While on Your Period Is Every Girl’s Nightmare

The mumbling in the entire bus was the last thing Zarqa wanted to deal with. She was already tired, stressed, and experiencing pain in her body. Her only focus was getting a seat on an overly-crowded bus to relieve her pain and to find comfort from the gazing of men and women alike. On the…

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Why Do Muslims Use the Word ‘Haram’ So Liberally?

The Arabic word haram which means “forbidden” or “unlawful”, is used too loosely amongst Muslims. It is frequently used as a catch-all term for things that are disliked or questionable, but it’s important to remember that there are actually not many things that Allah (SWT) has forbidden. In this article, we will explore why we…


Are Natural Disasters a Punishment from Allah? 

In the aftermath of two devastating 7.8 earthquakes in Syria and Turkey that killed and looted scores of innocent civilians, “Shmuel Eliyahu, who serves as the chief Rabbi of Safed in northern Israel and is a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, claimed that God was punishing countries affected by the disaster because of their…