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Do You Know How To Ask for a Religious Accommodation?

The 2022-2023 school year is well under way for thousands of students across the nation. With it, many are hoping for a year of renewal and change. Broadly defined, universities are obligated to provide their students with reasonable religious accommodations so they can practice their respective faith. The first amendment of the constitution includes the…

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6 Tips to Adapt To College Life

The first year of college will transform your life. You will become a more independent person and learn to make big and small decisions on your own. You will meet many new people, make new friends, and probably even fall in love with someone special.  All these changes are associated with high-stress levels and psychological…

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How to Plan a Beautiful At-Home Graduation on a Budget

If you or your child will be celebrating a graduation this year, there’s a good chance you may have to commemorate this milestone totally or partially at home. In an effort to keep you and your family safe, you may feel that you have to eliminate some elements of your celebration. However, there are some…

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Is Religion a Social Issue In U.S. Universities?

In 1962, the Supreme Court in the United States passed a ruling that banned prayers sponsored by schools. The court only allowed private prayers where a few students could meet and pray without involving the entire school. Some analysts believe this was the genesis of the many religious-social challenges in U.S. schools today.  Specifically, religion…


13 Tips to Make Transitioning to College Abroad Way Easier

There is no doubt that finishing high school is a very relieving, yet stressful time. I think each person goes through different phases, naturally, and attending university is a critical transition. One is no longer technically under their parents’ wings. Everyone has different experiences going to university. Some people want to stay where they lived…


What it’s Like Being Muslim on a Catholic Campus

  Being Muslim on a Catholic college campus certainly has its ups and downs. First off, there’s the inevitable challenge of being different from the majority. While there is a significant population of Muslims on my campus, we are a minority and are often looked at with a lesser value in the eyes of students….


5 Ways MSAs Actually Discourage Muslims From Joining

Muslim Student Associations (MSAs) are often formed to raise awareness and understand Islam on college campuses. They are also meant to create safe havens for Muslim students and to create a sense of community among Muslim students in largely non-Muslim colleges. However, many MSAs often deter Muslims from joining due to their toxic environments. Whether…


5 Ways to Stay Close to Your Faith in College

For incoming freshmen, college is absolutely terrifying. It’s not an easy adjustment, especially when you’re moving far away from home. You’re thrown into a huge pool with unfamiliar faces and are told to figure it out on your own. It’s easy to be negatively influenced or tempted when you’re in such a new environment. Consider…


College Apps: Sure You Want to Say You’re Muslim?

It’s Dec. 8, 2015: The time of year where either many high school seniors are getting ready to send off their college applications or are anxiously waiting for their early decisions on Dec. 15. I am one of them. As any ambitious high school senior, this year was where I could make it or break…