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U.S. Welcomes Israel Into the Visa Waiver Program

On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced that Israel will now be included in the nation’s Visa Waiver Program, allowing Israeli citizens to enter the United States without a visa. In reciprocity, Israel will allow American citizens to travel to Israel without a visa. Officials stated that this agreement will be implemented by November 30th, permitting…

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This Is What You Need To Know About What’s Going On in Niger

The recent events in West Africa hold great importance for various groups, including Western powers like the US and France, as well as Muslims and people worldwide. Ongoing efforts in different regions of the developing world, where the majority resides, are being undertaken to resist neocolonialism and various types of exploitative capitalism. These efforts often…

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Why Is France Threatened by Nouhaila Benzina’s Hijab?

Nouhaila Benzina etched her name in history as she became the pioneer footballer to don a hijab during a World Cup match. Until 2014, the wearing of the hijab at the World Cup was prohibited due to health and safety reasons. While on the field last Sunday, Nouhaila Benzina, adorned in her hijab, challenged norms…

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India Has a Long-Standing History of Islamophobia

As worsening reports of violence against Muslims in India continue to circulate, the origin of such deep hate in the country arises. How did Islamophobia gain a hold on India, a country with over 200 million Muslims? Muslims have been in India since the 13th century, with Muslim merchants, soldiers, and armies bringing the religion…

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Saudi’s New Smart City, Neom: a Utopia or Dystopia?

Imagine a world flourishing with technological advancements beyond the boundaries of reality. A place free of cars, leveled with floating structures, an emphasis on artificial intelligence, and much more. Perhaps you envision a metropolitan city of the future that strives for sustainability– a city that can change the way we live. In 2017, the Kingdom…

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A Reckless Driver Causes the Tragic Death of Five Women From Minnesota

The tragic incident involving a reckless driver colliding with a vehicle carrying five Somali girls has left us heartbroken. Khalid Omar, the director of their mosque, described Sabiriin Ali, Sagal Hersi, Siham Adam, Sahra Gesaade, and Salma Abdikadir as “pearls of the community — and the brightness of our future.” Here’s what we know so…

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Israeli Wave of Terror Continues After 75 Years of the Nakba

The Nakba, often known as “The Catastrophe,” marked its 75th anniversary on May 15. This crucial day serves as a sorrowful reminder of the Palestinian people’s forced eviction and land loss at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces. We pray for our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are suffering a grave injustice. Let us…


Everything You Need to Know About What’s Going On in Sudan

Packing phones, laptops, a limited amount of clothing, and a small sum of money, paying two million Sudanese pounds to rent out a bus to evacuate, the life of 21-year-old Noon Abdel Bassit changed drastically as her family received phone calls saying that there were shootings, the country wasn’t safe, and nobody should move,” according…

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Here’s Why the Iran-Saudi Peace Deal Is Huge News For Muslims

Should we call off the Cold War? Are we defending our interests by our understanding of the role China is playing and can play globally? Saudi Arabia and Iran’s China-brokered peace deal poses some interesting questions about our current stance towards China. The Biden administration’s reception of the deal indicates that the US is open to…

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What Shamima Begum’s Case Tells Us About the UK’s Treatment of Muslim Women

Shamima Begum is a name that’s been embedded into British history for all the wrong reasons. In recent years the conversation about her case has shifted from Britain being hell-bent on keeping her out of the country to more calls for an investigation into how she was groomed for terrorism in the first place. But…

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This Is How You Can Help Those Affected by the Turkey and Syria Earthquake

According to Al Jazeera, the death toll surpassed 40,000 in the Turkey-Syria earthquake. This devastating earthquake has left many families without homes, water, food, and electricity. If you are looking to help the victims of this disaster, here are some organizations accepting donations. Syrian American Medical Society The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) is a…

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Integrated Deterrence: Consider Ending the War on Terror and UNITING for Shared Values

In Fall of 2022, the Biden Administration released its long-awaited defense strategy called Integrated Deterrence. Since the 1990’s the Department of Defense has issued its National Defense Strategy (NDS) roughly every 4 years. If you weren’t aware of this, Think Tanks influence much of what goes on in the US government, and supply recommendations for each…


The Viral Moments That Made Muslim Girls’ Year in 2022

This year has been one to remember. From Taraweeh prayers in Time Square to our sisters sparking a revolution in Iran, Muslim Girl had it covered for you. Let’s take a look at these top 10 viral moments from the last year that had 2022 in constant motion. 1. Afghan girls fought for their right…