Meet The Muslim Woman Who Lasted 8 Days in Trump’s Administration

Rumana Ahmed received widespread media recognition after publishing an evocative personal essay in The Atlantic discussing her brief experience working for the Trump administration in its early chaotic days. Muslim Girl sat down with Rumana to learn more about her time working for the Obama and Trump administrations and to understand how Muslims can effectively…


Meet the Developer who Designed the Islamoji App

Has your friend ever texted you to make duaa (prayer) for her and you wished you could easily reply with a “girl making duaa” emoji? Or reply with a samosa emoji when your mother asks you what you want for dinner? Well, now you can! Thanks to Sakeena Rashid, who created Islamoji.   Rashid is a realtor,…

Class of 2016: Saint Joseph's College, B.A. in Human Services.

How This Latina Muslim Survived Domestic Violence & Became a Shero

When Lisandra Jimenez crumbled in the bedroom sobbing in fear of her life from an abusive husband, her 3-year-old son came wiping her tears whispering, “Mama’s okay? Mama’s okay?” That’s when she realized it’s time to protect her three boys by moving away from the violent marriage that lasted a bit too long. “I was a…