Invisible Women of the Resistance

Over the course of the past few weeks, thousands of Palestinian youth have been protesting against Israeli forces and settlers all around the occupied territories, leading many to believe the Third Intifada is around the corner. Per usual when the violence escalates, the same narrative is perpetuated in Western media – ruthless Palestinian terrorists are…


Still, I Rise: Black Muslim Woman Crowned Ms. Rutgers

Halima Mahmoud, a 22-year-old senior studying at Rutgers University in Newark, N.J., was crowned Ms. Rutgers in the 2015 pageant. The announcement came at midnight in Rutgers University’s Essex room, which was flooded with college students, the majority of whom were dressed in all white as per the theme of the event. Mahmoud, a black…


Meet the Muslim Woman Behind #IStandWithAhmed

Ahmed Mohamed’s rise to internet fame has been skyrocketing. People across the world have been posting their support on social media — from President Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg to Sophia Bush — united by a single hashtag: #IStandWithAhmed. This entire movement can be drawn back to one 23-year-old MuslimGirl from Arlington, TX: Amneh Jafari….


Meet the First Headscarf-Clad Chef on Primetime Television

She volunteers at a hunger relief agency, works at a hospital, and — oh, yeah, is competing on the world’s largest cooking competition reality show. The Dearborn, MI native uses her Arab background to inspire her culinary feats, while doubling as a social worker focused on women and children. Now, her participation in this season’s…


A Real Life Mulan Story

Poverty continues to be a colossal issue in Egypt, especially in rural areas. Oftentimes, it comes down to making a decision between taking a job you hate or feeding your family. This issue is especially amplified for women who have even more limited job opportunities and are restricted by social order. One woman, desperate to…


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 9 Moments We Were Completely #TeamRBG

The Queen of Democracy, five-foot one OG baddie Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was hospitalized last week. This lady quite literally slays and we really hope she gets better soon. So, in her honor, here are 10 of RBG’s baddest moments. 1. When RBG elegantly, masterfully, and publicly expressed all the best emotions to the Supreme Court’s mansplaining bull***t….

#MuslimGirlFire #MuslimGirlTV

This Woman Tackles Iranian Law By Dancing

Throughout history, people have come up with the most creative ways to defy outrageous laws in their countries. There are those that stand in unison, blocking major highways and causing a public fuss. There are those that paint messages on walls, forcing everyone’s attention. There are those that record themselves rebelling, and upload it on…