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3 Tips for Successful Thrifting

Thrift store shopping can yield some terrific treasures, but the strategy you use will impact your enjoyment in the experience. Thrift shopping is a “see it, buy it” process; you can’t put it in your online basket and think about it. Whether you’re looking for clothing, camping gear, or a great computer backpack, you may…

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Why I Decided to Start My Own Desi Fashion Brand

As a young girl growing up in the United States, I was always on the lookout for clothing that connected me to my rich and vibrant culture. I was uninspired by standard American fashion, and I also wanted to go beyond the traditional three-piece suits that are quite often the norm in Desi culture –…

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10 Gorgeous Eid Looks From Eid 2021

Like always, Ramadan has flown by this year. Although it’s our second Ramadan in a global pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis didn’t stop us from showing up and showing out in our Eid best — albeit with heavy hearts as we mourn for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We pray that next Eid, we will…

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10 of Our Fave #BlackOutEid Looks

It was just a few years ago that producer and screenwriter Aamina Mohamed created the #BlackOutEid hashtag after noticing that most Eid content shared online centered non-Black Muslims. The hashtag became a viral sensation as Black Muslims celebrate their faith and their style. Black Muslims from over the world participate. Mohamed said she created it…

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Eid 2021 is just days away, so it’s time to bring on the Eid outfits! After over a year in quarantine, do we even remember how to dress up?! With the vaccine rollout, some of us will be able to celebrate with more than a mirror selfie this year. Want to know how to put…


5 Tips to Express Your Personality Through Fashion

Clothes tell everyone a story of who you are. They are a reflection of how you feel and what your personality type is. If you have never thought this to be true, go through your closet today. You might find that there is a particular color you tend to lean towards whenever you buy clothes….


5 Must-Have Pieces of Jewelry

Whether you have a laid back sense of style or you prefer to dress in sophisticated pieces as often as you can, you’ll want to make sure there are a few staples in your jewelry collection that will make any outfit stand out. Some jewelry pieces are considered “standard” by many designers, meaning most women…


4 Modest Fashion Retailers You Have to Check Out

You wouldn’t have thought back in the 80s (yes, I said 80s) when I was growing up in East London that being a young fashion conscious Muslim woman would ever be catered to in clothing options. It was beyond my fashion fantasies that the Asian/Arab shopping districts, let alone the likes of Macy’s, would be…


6 Black-Owned Businesses You Should Support

August is National Black Business Month. We believe it is vital to support Black-owned businesses, so we’ve made a list of some of them for you to check out. Pretty Muslimah Boutique We think you will appreciate the select styles at this boutique for Muslim women. You might need to have someone monitor your spending…

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10 Eid Makeup Looks We Loved

COVID-19 and social distancing didn’t stop sisters from serving face this Eid! We picked some of our favorite makeup looks we spotted on the ‘gram, and compiled them for your viewing pleasure (and inspiration). While some kept it fresh faced, with soft “no makeup” looks, others went full glamazon. Still others opted for classic combos…


10 of Our Favorite #BlackOutEid Looks

A few years ago, producer and screenwriter Aamina Mohamed created the #BlackOutEid hashtag after noticing that much of the Eid content shared online rarely featured Black Muslims. Each year since then, the hashtag has gone viral as Black Muslims celebrate their faith — and their style — and Black Muslims from over the world participate….


Check Out These 8 Stylish Quarantine Eid Looks

We are loving these beautiful 2020 quarantine COVID-19 Eid looks. Just goes to show you that a pandemic can’t stop our fierce Muslim sisters from showing the world how we turn up for Eid al Fitr. The henna, the outfit, the decor…it’s all perfection. For the love of everything shiny and bronze, this is heavenly….


6 Quick and Easy Hijab Styles

For those who wear the hijab, you know how it easy it can be to wear your hijab the same way day after day. We came across this hijab tutorial by YouTube user Ro’s World, who demonstrated six different and super easy hijab styles that take only about a minute each to achieve. We knew…


10 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for the Modest Dresser

Who will you be for Halloween? Halloween is right around the corner, and those of us who do like to indulge trick-or-treaters by dressing up are knee-deep in scouring the Internet for creative ideas tailored towards this day. So guess what? We scoured the Internet for you! What we found were some of the most…