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5 Black Muslim Beauty Influencers With the *Ultimate* Skincare Tips

Have you been struggling to get your skincare routine down? We’ve compiled a list of Black Muslim beauty influencers who share their skincare routine to create space for diverse skin tones, textures, and representation. So, whether you’re dealing with skin issues or looking for the perfect list of products for your nighttime skincare routine, start…


Watch: Black History Is American History

Okalani Dawkins plans to be a human rights lawyer one day, but before that happens, she is paving her way as a strong and passionate speaker for civil rights. Watch this video as she speaks about African American societies in America’s history past the Civil Rights Movement.


6 Powerful Black Leaders You Should Know About

One of the greatest ways racism is perpetuated is through stereotypes, which create biases that influence real people’s choices and lives. These great Black leaders who have lead remarkable lives are examples of Black excellence. Black history isn’t only teaching about enslavement; that is racism at play to ignore the many accomplishments of legendary Black…


7 Amazing Black Poets Who Continue to Inspire Us

The amazing culture of poetic expression in the modern world is spoken word and informs our culture in endless and various ways – and is filled with the greatness of Black artists. As we remember the giants of times past, here we list seven amazing Black poets you should be familiar with, along with a…


How Enslaved West Africans Heavily Influenced the Arts in America

Bismillah. *Important note about the term “enslaved”: Slavery has existed since the beginning of time. Different communities of people were enslaved regardless of creed or color. When it comes to Africans, the assumption is that we were always slaves. Furthermore, using the term “slaves” further perpetuates the unconscious bias that Africans were born to be…


Top 10 Quotes by Malcolm X

Feb. 21, 2016 marks the 51st death anniversary of Muslim-American civil rights leader Malcolm X, also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. Malcolm X spent his entire life challenging a system that discriminated against him due to the color of his skin. His eloquent speech and powerful rhetoric influenced millions, and they continue to inspire the…

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10 Inspiring Muslims Who Define #BlackExcellence

Black History Month is a month to celebrate and honor the achievements, actions and experiences of Black individuals. While we honor icons such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks, let us honor icons from our own community, our Black brothers and sisters. Being both Black and Muslim is no easy feat….


That One About Patience

Full Transcription: Last night I had a dream, That Anne Frank came to me, Guarded by an army of pencils and notebooks. She said: When you write, write every moment of your life. You’ll never know when it might be your last. And never forget the bad moments either. Because when your greatness is there…


12 Books for Children Written by Black Muslim Authors

I often get disappointed when it’s Black History Month and Islamic schools and mosques ignore it. Many will shrug it off and not address the significance of this month because they don’t know how to celebrate it with young children. As an educator and mother myself, celebrating Black History Month with young children is important…