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What Do We Do in Islam When Visiting Graves?

Muslims often ask themselves, “What should I do when visiting someone’s grave?” If that’s the case with you, here’s what Islam teaches us to do at graveyards.

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How to Practice Gratitude Effortlessly as a Gen Z Muslim

Life resembles a rollercoaster ride full of exhilarating ups and challenging downs. When everything aligns perfectly, and we find ourselves wrapped in pure happiness, we often attribute these experiences to the blessings bestowed upon us by Allah (SWT). It is in these times that our hearts naturally overflow with gratitude. However, when faced with adversity…


6 Powerful Gems From Quran & Hadith To Ward off Jinn for Good

The Jinn have been on this earth for a long time, even before Prophet Adam (AS) first came down to earth. While mostly invisible to us, people all over the world and for centuries have reported possessions, evil whispering, and all over bad things. That’s why, we need to stay protected from Jinn. Fortunately, we’ve been…

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5 Duas To Recite on the Day of Arafah

The most blessed day of the year is upon us: The day of Arafah. During the day of Arafah, starting a little before noon and lasting until sunset, pilgrims come together at the Plain of Arafah in Mecca. They engage in a solemn act of devotion, standing steadfastly before Allah (SWT), seeking His mercy and…


5 Duas to Recite for Those in Need of Healing

One of the hardest things to face in life is to watch someone you love in need of healing due to an illness. And while science and technology have advanced and we’ve made more discoveries over the years, there’s only so much our doctors and experts can do. In those times we end up feeling…

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9 Things To Do Before Embarking on Your First Umrah

For many of us, visiting the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah and seeing the Ka’bah with our own eyes is a dream. Doing Umrah is something we all dream of. The Umrah itself is a pilgrimage full of blessings and offers us a quick way to renew our Iman, strengthen our faith in Allah,…

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5 ways you can prepare for A Beautiful Hereafter

At the beginning of Ayah 175 in Surah Al-Imran, Allah SWT informs us of his promise: “Every soul shall taste death (3:175).” Our lives on this earth are short. And while there are many things we can predict, death is unpredictable. We strive to experience life to the fullest by completing our goals, traveling as…


10 Instaworthy Mosques to Visit in Malaysia

It was over 1400 years ago when mosques were established as a place of congregation for Muslims. It is a center for Muslims to practice their acts of worship, engage in intellectual and theological discussions, and a sanctuary to foster spiritual growth in the community. Mosques were built with simplicity, especially during the times of…


5 Resources To Help You Learn Quranic Arabic

Imagine knowing what each verse of the Quran means while reciting and reading the Quran. The words in the Quran are a direct communication from Allah to mankind. Hence, the importance of learning Quranic Arabic is emphasized so that we can truly learn the message of the Quran.  Learning Quranic Arabic is not easy, especially…


Why Does Islam Tell Us to Keep Our Intentions in Check?

Keeping our intentions in check is a pivotal part of Islam; Allah (SWT) tells us that our actions are based on our motives more than anything else. But then, more often than not, the concept itself of “good v. bad intentions” poses the question of whether we actually know the intentions that matter to Allah…

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13 Tips for Dealing With Unexpected Trials

Dealing with unexpected trials can be tricky. When we experience adversities, whether it’s financial, physical, emotional, social, etc, it can be difficult to remember that God is with us. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s our human nature to base our beliefs on what we see rather than on faith — the…


Your Guide to Dealing With Toxic In-Laws

Because in-laws can be a challenge, we’ve rounded up a compilation of hadiths and ayat that can help Muslims figure out what they should do from an Islamic perspective when they have a family member that harms them or abuses them. In this particular article, we’ll focus on toxic in-laws and what Islam says about…

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The Path to Inner Peace Is Through the Remembrance of Allah

Our Islam is a religion of peace, and those who submit to its teachings are said to find peace through that submission. And yet, statistics show that depression and anxiety in Muslim-majority countries are on par with the average levels found in the rest of the world. Why is it that we do not seem…