Ramadan of the poor people (1938) by Azim Azimzade

Ramadan May Have Looked Like This During the Time of the Prophet (PBUH)

Ramadan – where believers are gathering together as one community for the congregation. Food and beverages of all kinds are prepared by members of the household. People are staying up into the late hours of the night to eat their only meal before sunrise. They are dedicating time to purifying their soul through lectures, recitations…

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10 tips from the hadith on reorganizing your life

It is officially 2023! I’ve never been the kind of person to make new year’s resolutions because I can’t stick to them no matter how much I want to. New year’s resolutions are always very daunting to accomplish so instead I decided to focus on how I can reorganize my life this year to be…

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5 Islamic Programs for Women To Boost Their Iman

Are you a woman who wants to increase your knowledge of Islam? Are you curious about the different courses that are available? If so, then this article is for you. Here we outline some of the best Islamic programs out there and explain why they are great options for Muslim women to boost their Iman…


Did You Know That Guardian Angels Are All Around Us?

Resting my head atop my pillow after making wudu (ablution) and reading Ayat al-Kursi, I know the angels are watching over me, fending off shaytaan and asking Allah (SWT) to forgive me for my sins. I know I am not alone. While Allah (SWT) is aware of my location, he has sent the angels to…


Prophet Mohammad Would Have Seriously Hated Men’s Rights Activists

It’s the late 1920s — women are well-serving housewives, and men are powerhouse executives sacrificing their time and energy for the betterment of humankind. Oh heavens, thank God for their selflessness. That is exactly how Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) envision our world. In a series of tightly-secured events and private parties, the voices for mens’…


All You Need is Prophetic Love

What happens when the meaning of Muhammad ﷺ is reduced to an empty name brand, that even those who were raised wearing it, stop buying? Let’s face it, many within and outside the faith don’t get the obsession with the man, and masculinity in general due to the looming specter of toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity does not refer…


6 Points to Remember From Prophet Muhammad’s Last Sermon

With Hajj season and Eid-ul-Adha around the corner, it is only befitting to reflect on the beautiful words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Words spoken to be heard by the heart and implemented in our daily lives. The words of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are direct. They are powerful, beautiful and easy to understand…


The #WhoIsMuhammad Hashtag Takes Over Twitter

Have you joined in on the latest trending hashtag? Twitter user @SpanishKash1 started the hashtag #WhoIsMuhammad and it has now been tweeted over 170,000 times. The hashtag was created in response to Charlie Hebdo’s new cover depicting yet another offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims around the world are taking part in #WhoIsMuhammad to share the positive teachings…


The Impact of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Message

The state of the world before the arrival of our beloved Prophet (saw) is known as Jahiliyah. Jahiliyah literally translates to ‘Ignorance’ in English, but also refers to Arabian society before Islam. Many evils existed during that time, such as tribal warfare, killing of female babies, the abuse and degradation of women, greed, racism, the…


The Compilation of the Holy Qur’an

From the Prophet’s lips to our books today It’s important to understand that the Qur’an literarily means ‘recitation’ from the word qira’a; it is basically what was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from Allah (SWT) , memorized by himself and his companions, and kept in an Allah (SWT) –inspired sequence since the beginning of its…


The Muslims after the Prophet’s Death

“You will die and they will die, and Muhammad (SAW) is but a Messenger; of a surety, all Messengers before him have passed away. If then, he die or be slain, will you turn back on your heels? Whosoever worships Muhammad (SAW), let him then know that Muhammad (SAW) indeed is dead; but whoso worshipped…


The Death of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was in grave condition. Soon after his last sermon, he was so weak that he could not move. He appointed Abu Bakr to lead the prayers in his place (a wise forethought, for Abu Bakr was to become the Caliph after the death of the Prophet.) Although he was dangerously ill, he…


The Final Sermon

The year 10 A.H. was one of the most significant years of the Islamic calendar. Leaders and tribes that one could have never imagined would show the least bit of acceptance towards Prophet Muhammad (SAW) began to embrace Islam as their faith, and multitudes of people were turning to the religion of Allah (SWT) ….