Ramadan of the poor people (1938) by Azim Azimzade

Ramadan May Have Looked Like This During the Time of the Prophet (PBUH)

Ramadan – where believers are gathering together as one community for the congregation. Food and beverages of all kinds are prepared by members of the household. People are staying up into the late hours of the night to eat their only meal before sunrise. They are dedicating time to purifying their soul through lectures, recitations…

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10 tips from the hadith on reorganizing your life

It is officially 2023! I’ve never been the kind of person to make new year’s resolutions because I can’t stick to them no matter how much I want to. New year’s resolutions are always very daunting to accomplish so instead I decided to focus on how I can reorganize my life this year to be…

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Do You Know the Story of Imam Ali?

We begin the story of Imam Ali on the 13th of Rajab 599 CE in the sweltering heat of the Makkan desserts. True to its word, the Arabian peninsula promised a hot and humid day as onlookers gathered around the Ka’aba.  A commotion had pursued throughout the city as Fatima Bint Asad was moments away…

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5 Islamic Programs for Women To Boost Their Iman

Are you a woman who wants to increase your knowledge of Islam? Are you curious about the different courses that are available? If so, then this article is for you. Here we outline some of the best Islamic programs out there and explain why they are great options for Muslim women to boost their Iman…


Did You Know That Guardian Angels Are All Around Us?

Resting my head atop my pillow after making wudu (ablution) and reading Ayat al-Kursi, I know the angels are watching over me, fending off shaytaan and asking Allah (SWT) to forgive me for my sins. I know I am not alone. While Allah (SWT) is aware of my location, he has sent the angels to…

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Is Ijtihad a Real Thing in Islam?

For the longest time in Islamic history, the issue of ijtihad in Shari’ah (Islamic jurisprudence) and principles of fiqh (usul al-Fiqh) spark heated debate in both positive and negative lights. Some sects contend that the only sources Muslims should ultimately rely on are the Holy Qur’an and Hadith of our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings…

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7 Scriptures on Oppression From Quran & Hadith

It’s quite unfortunate that we live in a world where the oppressed are continuously being oppressed without any end and justice has become a word that we can only ever say, but never physically or successfully see come into fruition. From Palestinians fighting for their rights, lands, and homes, to young women being denied the…


6 Things You Should Do in the Month of Sha’Ban

The month of Sha’ban is here and that means Ramadhan is just around the corner! SubhanAllah. Sha’ban is a month many people overlook as it falls right in between Rajjab and Ramadhan. However, Sha’ban is the month where some of the most notable miracles happened, like the splitting of the moon and the changing of…


5 Iconic Muslim Women To Follow on International Women’s Day

Do you feel it? The soles of millions stomping in a synchronous march in respect of the empowered woman. March 8th, otherwise known as International Women’s Day, celebrates the tenacity and perseverance of women. Originating from the women’s labor movement in the United States to being recognized by the United Nations in 1975, International Women’s…


Important Women in Islam: Sumayyah bint Khayyat

How often do we doubt our own courage and strength when it comes to proudly showcasing our faith, our trust and belief in Allah ﷻ? It’s only natural that we do – we are humans after all. But the story we’re about to delve into now is one of courage, strength and sacrifice that goes…

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7 Surahs All Muslims Should Memorize

The Quran has been sent to mankind as a form of guidance. It’s a mercy and blessing, and we’ve been told to read it correctly and constantly. It’s unfortunate to think that we as an Ummah have drifted away from the Holy and most blessed book of Allah; technology and worldly things have all taken…


What’s the Significance of Eid al-Adha?

Eid al-Adha is often mentioned in association with the practice of Hajj, as a celebration for Muslims who complete one of the pillars of faith. However, whether or not one is attending Hajj, Eid al-Adha is a significant day for Muslims. Eid al-Adha dates back to the story of Prophet Ibrahim and his beloved son…


What Do Muslims Do on the Day of Arafat?

The day of Arafat is the day before the Muslim holiday Eid Al-Adha. The day has great significance and importance in the Muslim world. It is believed to have more spiritual rewards than any other day of the year. The day of Arafat is known as the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah. It is the…


7 Things to Do During the Blessed Days of Dhul Hijjah

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are often referred to as the best ten days of the year, and a second chance after Ramadan. This is a special time to remember God, and spend extra time doing good deeds.  In Surat Al-Fajr, Allah says, “By the dawn; And [by] the ten nights.” (Qur’an 89:1-2) According…