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Ramy on “Ramy”: Leaning Into the Discomfort

This profile piece is part of Ramy’s extended interview for Say Wallah!, the first podcast from the editors of MuslimGirl.com, where we bring our group chat to life! Catch the full new episode featuring Ramy now on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud.  NOTE: Spoilers ahead — you have been warned. “I wanted a show that would be real….

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Hasan Minhaj: The Immigrant Wonder Kid

Update: As of the publishing of this article, the Patriot Act episode criticizing the involvement of Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in the brutal slaying of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist, has been blocked from Netflix viewers in Saudi Arabia. We hope this interview with Hasan speaks to the challenges of defying narratives, and the…

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Why You Should Always Check Your Breasts

As women, life takes us by storm. Yes, all people have their personal issues to adhere to. Women in particular though, have a lot on their plate, especially when it comes to their bodies. We get our menstrual cycles, give birth, breastfeed, deal with post-baby bodies, hormonal changes, menopause, and countless other bodily matters. We…