Ramadan Sale: On Ramadan and Commercialization

When Ramadan rolls around every year, I see more and more articles about wanting to make Ramadan and Eid a time for children to connect with their Islamic roots. Parents and families search for ways to give their kids something to celebrate — a holiday time of their own to share with their friends who…

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Ramadan for the “Special” Girls

“Are you special? Me too!” Those were words too often said by my middle school self and my middle school friends. Back when we were in an Islamic school and Zuhr time rolled around, we’d all go make wudu in the bathroom. That is, unless one of us was “special.” See, “special” was our code…


Ramadan is Not a Poverty Simulation Game

Ramadan is a time of self-excavation. It is a time to dig deep for patience, compassion, and humility. It is a time to practice God-consciousness and mindfulness as prescribed to us by Allah (SWT): “O you who have attained to faith! Fasting is ordained for you as it was ordained for those before you, so…


Ramadan Ready? Write A Du’a List

The holy month of fasting is upon us, and it’s time we finally prepare for the spiritual recharge that awaits, God-willing. Pray a little more, read additional pages of Qur’an, and make extra dhikr to welcome Ramadan. Let’s tear out a sheet of paper from a notebook, grab a pencil, and write a du’a list….


Ramadan Productivity Boosters

It goes without saying that the summer season is the best time to celebrate Ramadan. Despite the long hours of fasting and the heat, we are given much more time to make the most out of the month than we would if Ramadan were during the school year. Unfortunately, many of us are still faced…


3 Things to Remember During Ramadan

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, Ramadan has arrived for Muslims everywhere around the world. Every year, we tell ourselves that we will do everything in our list, which we’ve created mentally or actually written it down on the piece of paper. Every year, we fall short, and do not fulfill half of…


Terrific Tips for Taraweeh!

Let’s face it… taraweeh prayers can get pretty long during those Ramadan nights. With an overfilled belly after iftar, prostrating can get troublesome. The overcrowded space and dull air conditioners can make you sweaty enough to have your oversized abaya stick to you like spandex. Children might get a little rowdy and the really troublesome…


The Entire Qur’an During Ramadan!?

Ramadan is the month that the Holy Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW); to commemorate this month, Muslims not only fast from sunrise to sunset, but also take advantage of the rewards of this month by attempting to take great strides in their faith. Among the many different personal goals that Muslims may create…


Taking on your Period During Ramadan!

So, you have been fasting consistently. The headaches and dehydration have passed. You are really beginning to take advantage of the blessings that Ramadhan brings. And no clearer than the end of this sentence. There it is, right on time. Your period. The worst thing that can happen during Ramadhan. No more fasting, no more…


Coping with your Period During Ramadan

The last ten nights of Ramadan are upon us and I am sure all of us are aware of the virtues of these blessed nights. Here is a list of some actions Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to partake in during these last nights as a reminder to all of us because Allah (SWT) says in…


Zakah: Purification of the Soul

When I was gardening with my mother in the front yard, planting blooming flowers or slender vines, my hands were getting the worst of it.  The result of our efforts was magnificent – or as magnificent as we could make it – and our hard work paid off.  Each morning we would have an evolving…


Work, Assignments, and… Wait, it’s Ramadan?

Are you feeling a little distant this first week of Ramadan?  Do you feel as if you have not accomplished much during the blessed month?  Without doubt, I can assure you that you are not the only one.  Sometimes we have programmed ourselves in the first few days to merely fast and then break it…


The Golden Opportunity

Since Ramadan is right around the corner, I decided to share some bits and pieces with you ladies regarding this holy month. This month is literally a gift from Allah (SWT) , it’s a chance to cleanse your soul from all the sins that you may have made during the year. We should all be…