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This Cafe Owner Just Schooled A Robber in the Kindest Way Possible… With Hadiths!

When Abdul Elanani’s Cocoa Grinder coffee shop was robbed, he did not freak out or call 911.
Instead, he posted an honest and sympathetic letter on the window panel for the robber — and the rest of the world — to see.
In the letter he wrote,
“Through this door you came [and] on this door I write!
Dear John/Jane Doe,
Hope this letter finds you and your family well. What happened on the night of the 17th of August was a mistake and not cool. After hearing about all the restaurants getting robbed and broken into a weekly basis then Cocoa Grinders turn came around that night made me just stop to write you and hopefully you read it.
If you were to ask me personally, “Would you rob to survive? [I’d] say “I’m better off not surviving and of course not be a reason to mess up [someone’s] day or life.” But of course, at the end of the day everyone has their own personal opinion. Well sir/madam, I didn’t report this and I didn’t check the cameras to see who you are. I’d rather just not know. If the money you stole was to better you and your family’s living, then I forgive you. If it was stolen for you to go out there and ruin yourself and health, I still forgive you and ask of you to fix yourself.”
He then closes the letter with two hadiths (or quotes) from Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
“Every human being commits sins, and the best of sinners are those who frequently repent.”
“You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with [them] with forgiveness and kindness.”
It is bad enough that Islamophobia and the hate crimes that relate are still a problem in today’s society, especially thanks to mainstream media that misconceives Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, Elanani’s actions is what the media does not want you to see.