BURAAQ: The Rise of A Hero

Two men got together to combine their love for art and faith to create an artistic brainchild. Jaded from the negative portrayal of Muslims in a post-9/11 world, brothers Adil and Kamil Imtiaz decided to reignite their passion for comic book art and superheroes to create BURAAQ. Named after the white winged horse that carried the Prophet (pbuh) to heaven from Jerusalem, Buraaq “Yusuf Abdullah” is a seemingly regular man who works for a charity by day and saves Nova City by night.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.29.50 PMIn superhero universes, there is often a clear divide between good and bad. Batman and The Joker, Superman and Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Minerva, X-Men and Magneto. The list goes on. In real life, Muslims are the ultimate villains. We’re easily scapegoated and are never given a chance to be the good guys. With its breathtaking art and suspenseful stories, BURAAQ attempts to shed a positive light on Muslims by portraying a character that possesses the true essence of Islam. Now, BURAAQ isn’t the first Muslim superhero. There are several already in Marvel, including the infamous Ms. Marvel. However, BURAAQ is the first Muslim superhero created by Muslims. 


With BURAAQ, the goal is to dispel the myths and negativity surrounding Islam through the comic book medium. The mission not to preach, but to provide wholesome family entertainment. The underlying message would help create better understanding and it is our hope that readers around the world will walk away with a smile, and a positive image of Islam. – X

BURAAQ possesses several superpowers. He has super strength, the ability to fly, control elements, and gravity field. He’s not even done discovering all his powers! He represents the agility and strength of a superhero and the gentleness and kindness of a Muslim. The best of both worlds, if you will.

The series released late 2010 and now has several issues out available in digital and print. They are also working on an animated series. We hope to see BURAAQ on the big screen one day, insha Allah.

Check out the promo for the animated series!