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The Bold Lip

A bold lip takes courage. It stands alone–strong and proud!  You don’t need to fancy up a bold lip with more makeup or vibrant clothes; you don’t need to do anything really to work a bold lip. Just have courage!

You maybe thinking, “Why do I need courage to wear a bold lip? It’s just lipstick…” Nah, that’s where you’re wrong! A bold lip makes a statement! It brings life to the average and to the subtle. It should stand out from your face–from your entire look–and speak to what you want to say.

If you’re wearing all-black-everything or if you’ve run out of eyeliner and your face seems a bit too plain, a bold lip will liven up your look by jumping off your face the way a bold statement would jump off a page!

So if you’re looking for subtlety, you’re reading the wrong post ladies, because I’m dedicating this entree to my newest, most favorite obsession: the bold lip! 

I’m going to share with you my favorite picks and how I like to work them into the statements I like to make.



Rimmel Bordeaux 124
Rimmel Bordeaux 124

 Wine is a mature color. Because it is so sultry and dark, it gives off a “vampire” look. I very much prefer this color to red because it has more of it’s own, unique personality. It is easy to look bold with wine-stained lips. This color complements the Fall season so well because it is so easily partnered with the brown color. I like to pair it with a brown smoky eye to bring life to the neutral colors and add a deeper look.


For my hijabi-sistas, it is important to wear a mute-colored hijab (I like to wear beige or soft gray) with the wine lip because a muted hijab will allow the lip to do what it’s there to do: make a statement. I don’t like pairing this lip with black only because the lip is dark enough as it is. Wearing black with it will darken your face and take away from the boldness of the lip.


Sweet and Sour
Sweet and Sour

Don’t be intimidated by the maturity of the color! Make your personality shine through the statement of the lip. Be a badass, vivacious vampire woman if you want!

Rimmel Bordeaux is my go-to wine color. I bought it at Harmon Face Values (my favorite place to shop for makeup!) for around $7! It’s long lasting and super glossy for a nice shiny look to your lips.
(If there’s a Harmon Face Values near you, I really suggest you start shopping there because they have discounts you wouldn’t believe!)



You can’t get more bold than purple!

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Purple is such a badass color. You don’t want to play games with the chick wearing the purple lipstick because she seems like she’d mess you up. I love this look because it really does give you a spinoff of a punk-rock badass. All you need is a leather jacket and a pair of black sunglasses—or a crappy drawing of some glasses—and you can work the rocker-chick purple lip!

So go on withcho bad self, girl! Work that punk statement!

BHcosmetics "Vixen"
BHcosmetics “Vixen”

For those of you who don’t really like the punk look, purple can also be such a fun summer color! (You can’t go wrong with neon colors on hot days). I like to wear it with a fun patterned hijab–since it’s a fun colored lip. You can work this color into any sort of summer look.

BHcosmetics has a beautiful purple lip color called Vixen in their Crème Luxe Lipstick collections that I absolutely love. BHcosmetics is an incredibly cheap makeup brand with very high quality makeup! This lipstick is only about $4 and it lasts a very long time. I find myself reapplying only if I’ve eaten something because the food—naturally—wipes away the lipstick. I highly recommend you try it out for yourselves!

There are so many more bold colors that I haven’t tried yet, all with different statements of their own. (Believe it or not, there’s a green bold lip that people have been trying to work! ….Might be a bit daring for me, but I’m rooting for those of you who’ve tried it out!) Try out a bold lip this season, and share the hype we have for it!