Black Women Voters in Alabama Save the Day…Again

My state, Alabama, chose not to elect a sexual predator and racist bigot into Senate yesterday. This shouldn’t be news because Roy Moore shouldn’t have even been an option, yet here we are. And by we, I mean Black women. We showed up, as we always do, carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. 98% of us voted for Doug Jones versus 35% of white women.

We saved y’all. Again.

Thank us by supporting Black women activists with both your time and resources. 

But please don’t thank us through half hearted social media messages. Thank us by standing up to Uncle Bob at family holiday dinner who still refers to Black people as nigger or even your Aunt Sally who thinks she’s progressive because she refers to us as “the coloreds.”  Thank us by supporting Black women activists with both your time and resources. Thank us by addressing our issues such as pay discrepancy.



It is a great disservice to only notice Black women when you need us for numbers.

Please do not misinterpret this as a Doug Jones endorsement. I felt his campaign was built on race pandering and “Hey, at least I’m not a pedophile.” He didn’t offer anything revolutionary for me and the communities I’m aligned with. He was strictly the lesser of two evils for me and I’m extremely disappointed that we’re still having to choose “who sucks less” in terms of leaders. We deserve better. What more do Black women specifically have to do to even be considered an option for election? Invest in us.

Roll Tide.